Chicken Curry with rice and salad

One of my all time favorites! I love to make it and I love to eat it. Luckily my friends do too, so whenever I get the chance I serve them this dish …
It’s probably an existing recipe, but I add my own twist to it, as usual.

– chicken breast
– curry sauce (ready made)
– pineapple
– curry powder
– salt
– garlic
– vegetable oil

For the salad:
– green salad
– tomato’s
– cucumber
– apple
– olive oil
– a little salt
– garlic

– brown or white rice

As for how much of everything: just as much as you want and like.

Cook the rice as you always do.

Cut the chicken breast in medium pieces, season them with a little salt, curry powder and garlic and bake them in preheated oil till they are soft and light brown.

Prepare the curry sauce (in the Netherlands we have ready made sauce … just add an amount of water and heat it till it thickens)

Add the sauce to the chicken and let it simmer on very low heat for about 5 minutes.
About two minutes before you serve the dish, add the sliced pineapple to the sauce.

In the meantime, put the salad in a bowl, add the sliced tomato and cucumber, season with a little salt, garlic and olive oil till it is to your taste.
Add the apple at the last moment.

Put the rice on a plate, add the chicken curry liberally and give the salad as a side dish.

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