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Home wasn’t built in a day ;)

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Life is good! (quote from a very dear friend, lol).

It’s been a while since I wrote a full blog and with good reason – buying a house is no sine-cure. Not for me and not for my family and friends. They suffer through my countless updates (on FB),  my detailed accounts (at school) and my numerous emails (my brother). And the end is not in sight … wait till the real work start in March, LOL.

Anyway, all is going well. The house is bought, the paper work is done and the finances are dealt with. The house is mine as per March 21.  I have arranged for a moving company to do all the work, a friend will deal with all the necessary paint work and my cleaning lady will clean. So much luxury! I love it ;)

However, my part is sorting through thirty-odd years of stuff, accumulated in my old apartment. My goodness, why did I want to keep all these old bills, warranty certificates and manuals of appliances I don’t even have any more? Not to mention that dreaded corner in my study full of things I don’t even remember. Or the area in the basement … aaarrgghh!  Oh well, I will tackle all that one step at the time. I can do this! Really, I can …

In the meantime I teach, write report cards (again) and talk to colleagues and parents. I still think starting a school for parents would be a great idea. Just to teach them that to stand by your child doesn’t mean allowing for everything he or she does.  And that pushing your will against all professional advice (“But I want this for my boy!”) isn’t always the best thing to do.

Last week one boy had me in stitches though. His mom decided against our advice to sign him up for a special class (with extra work) at his new school next year. Boy has no motivation to work, has no intellectual capabilities to do the extra work and is as lazy as a boy can be. His is delightful, but lazy. So he told me about mom’s plans.  I warned him about the extra work and he just smiled and repeated mom’s answer, “It will be worth it, Miss.”  So I took it one step further and explained to him that the principal of his new school would ask for my advice. He smiled confidently.

“That won’t be a problem, eh Miss?” I looked doubtful at him. “Actually, it will. I need to see you do extra work here too before I can give a good advice. So, all your work done in time, and time to do extra assignments. I haven’t seen that yet.”

He looked shocked. “Miss, you mean I have to work HERE too?”


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