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School year is almost over!


And slowly but surely we are coming to the end of the school year here in my part of the Netherlands. It’s been a  long, long year, and we feel it!

Small as we might be the Netherlands is divided in three parts when it comes to vacation time, North, Middle and South. We alternate the vacation time each year – early, middle and late.  This year early is from June 29  till August 11, middle is from July 6 till August 18 and late is from July 20 till September 1.

Worst case scenario is when you change  from early last year to late this year –  your school year is excruciatingly long! That’s what I’m dealing with now. Aarghh!

As I teach twelve year olds my year ends always on a high note however. With school camp and the end of year musical it’s great fun. Especially when everything works out the way it should. That’s not always the case but this year we had a blast! School camp was wonderful, with sunny and warm weather so lots and lots of outdoor sports and the musical went well. I had some sleepless nights as the kids just refused to learn their lines and songs but when push came to shove it went great *deep sigh of relief*

And now all I have to do next week is clean my class room, and prepare for next year. I have it easy, this last week. Most of my colleagues are packing now, between lessons, as we will move part of the school to another town. Politics, politics … it always boils down to a lot of extra work.  But I will stay put for a few more years before I have to move so I can “relax”  after all the hard work of last year. LOL.

And then it’s off to Austria for a lovely three week vacation. I love the Alps and, as I go with my brother and his family, I’m very much looking forward to a lot of walking and “climbing” (oh well, most will be walking as far as I’m concerned, lol).

When I return from Austria I’ll have my little hospital episode so I’m not really looking forward to that. But for now I try not to think about that too much.

Alps, here I come … in a week time :)

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