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Only a few weeks to go

Finally! Time to write another blog. Goodness, I can’t even begin to tell you how busy I have been. This time of year is definitely one of the busiest in school. Exams, an end of the year musical, report cards, a move … these last few weeks are crammed full with  activities.

The end of the year musical is especially with and for our eight graders (12-13 year old). They will leave our school to go to secondary school and the musical is a tradition in the Netherlands. This year, as we have quite a lot of eight graders leaving us we couldn’t find a musical with enough to do for all of them so we decided to write one ourselves. Let me assure you …  never again! The amount of work to make it work is far too much!

As I am in charge of the music I have been writing songs these last two weeks, urging my colleagues to hurry  writing the texts. I can happily tell you that both text and music is finished now and tomorrow we will start rehearsals. But I made it quite clear, even telling our principal, that next year will be the “old-fashioned” way again … buying a musical. Never mind how many kids need to be in there.

End of year exams will start tomorrow too. Ten days of hard work for all kids AND their teachers as we have to make sure all results are filed before June 6 … the day government inspection will come to see how we are doing. That was quite a nasty surprise we got. Inspection doesn’t mind what time of year it is … they come and you have to be ready.  And they tell you only a few weeks in advance.

Another reason we don’t like the inspector to come is that we will have to move school this summer. So, in stead of focusing on getting everything ready for the move and allowing for some time to get the exam results ready and report cards written we also have to deal with this. It’s an added stress we can easily do without!!

And we will have to prepare for our eight grade school camp early July. Normally we go in the beginning of the school year but as the camp site was overbooked we had to postpone till summer. Wow, just what we need, LOL.

All in all a stressful time, as you will understand. I’ll try to make time to come here and write and / or read but I won’t make any promises. I’ll be happy to survive, lol!


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Picture Perfect – Vanishing Points

This week we will be busy with lines, perspective and vanishing points … so much fun. And as it is pouring here for days now (cold, wet, miserable …  that’s a Dutch Spring for you) I had to use my archives :)

Taken in Austria, July 2012

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