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Life is good! (quote from a very dear friend, lol).

It’s been a while since I wrote a full blog and with good reason – buying a house is no sine-cure. Not for me and not for my family and friends. They suffer through my countless updates (on FB),  my detailed accounts (at school) and my numerous emails (my brother). And the end is not in sight … wait till the real work start in March, LOL.

Anyway, all is going well. The house is bought, the paper work is done and the finances are dealt with. The house is mine as per March 21.  I have arranged for a moving company to do all the work, a friend will deal with all the necessary paint work and my cleaning lady will clean. So much luxury! I love it ;)

However, my part is sorting through thirty-odd years of stuff, accumulated in my old apartment. My goodness, why did I want to keep all these old bills, warranty certificates and manuals of appliances I don’t even have any more? Not to mention that dreaded corner in my study full of things I don’t even remember. Or the area in the basement … aaarrgghh!  Oh well, I will tackle all that one step at the time. I can do this! Really, I can …

In the meantime I teach, write report cards (again) and talk to colleagues and parents. I still think starting a school for parents would be a great idea. Just to teach them that to stand by your child doesn’t mean allowing for everything he or she does.  And that pushing your will against all professional advice (“But I want this for my boy!”) isn’t always the best thing to do.

Last week one boy had me in stitches though. His mom decided against our advice to sign him up for a special class (with extra work) at his new school next year. Boy has no motivation to work, has no intellectual capabilities to do the extra work and is as lazy as a boy can be. His is delightful, but lazy. So he told me about mom’s plans.  I warned him about the extra work and he just smiled and repeated mom’s answer, “It will be worth it, Miss.”  So I took it one step further and explained to him that the principal of his new school would ask for my advice. He smiled confidently.

“That won’t be a problem, eh Miss?” I looked doubtful at him. “Actually, it will. I need to see you do extra work here too before I can give a good advice. So, all your work done in time, and time to do extra assignments. I haven’t seen that yet.”

He looked shocked. “Miss, you mean I have to work HERE too?”


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When Nothing created Everything

I happened upon this great “creation-story” for children from atheist parents. It makes for a great bed-time story :)


Throughout history people have been awed and thrilled by re-tellings of their culture’s creation story.

Aztecs would tell of the Lady of the Skirt of Snakes, Phoenicians about the Zophashamin, and Jews and Christians about the one true God—Yahweh. But there is one unfortunate group—the children of atheistic materialists—that has no creation myth to call its own. When an inquisitive tyke asks who created the sun, the animals, and mankind, their materialist parents can only tell them to read a book by Carl Sagan or Richard Dawkins.

But what sort of story are they likely to find? Should they be told, as famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking claims in his book The Grand Design, that “the universe . . . create[d] itself from nothing”?

Since Hawking’s explanation is a bit too drab and not specific enough for bedtime reading, I’ve decided to take the elements of materialism and shape them into a purportedly accurate, though mythic, narrative. This is what our culture has been missing for far too long—a creation story for young atheistic materialists.

******cartoon-earth1In the beginning was Nothing, and Nothing created Everything. When Nothing decided to create Everything, she filled a tiny dot with Time, Chance, and Everything and had it expand. The expansion spread Everything into Everywhere carrying Time and Chance to keep it company. The three stretched out together leaving bits of themselves wherever they went. One of those places was the planet Earth.

For no particular Reason—for Reason is rarely particular—Time and Chance took a liking to this little, wet, blue rock and decided to stick around to see what adventures they might have. While the pair found the Earth to be intriguing and pretty, they also found it a bit too quiet, too static. They fixed upon an idea to change Everything (just a little) by creating a special Something. Time and Chance roamed the planet, splashing through the oceans and sloshing through the mud, in search of materials. But though they looked Everywhere, there was a missing ingredient they needed in order to make a Something that could create more of the same Somethings.

They called to their friend Everything to help. Since Everything had been Everywhere she would no doubt be able to find the missing ingredient. And indeed she did. Hidden away in a small alcove called Somewhere, Everything found what Time and Chance had needed all along: Information. Everything put Information on a piece of ice and rock that happened to be passing by the former planet Pluto and sent it back to her friends on Earth.

Along Come the Otherthings

Now that they had Information, Time and Chance were finally able to create a self-replicating Something they called Life. Once they created Life they found that it not only grew into more Somethings, but began to become Otherthings, too! The Somethings and the Otherthings began to fill the Earth—from the bottom of the oceans to the top of the sky. Their creation, which began as a single Something, eventually became millions and billions of Otherthings.

Time and Chance, though, were the bickering sort and constantly feuding over which of them was the most powerful. One day they began to argue over who had been more responsible for creating Life. Everything (who was forever eavesdropping) overheard the spat and suggested that they settle by putting their creative skills to work on a new creature called Man. They all thought this was a splendid plan—for Man was a dull, hairy beast who would indeed provide a suitable challenge—and began to boast about who could create an ability, which they called Consciousness, that would allow Man to be aware of Chance, Time, Everything, and Nothing.

How Man Got His Beliefs

Chance, always a bit of a dawdler, got off to a slow start, so Time, who never rested, completed the task first. Time rushed around, filling the gooey matter inside each Man’s head with Consciousness. But as he was gloating over his victory he noticed a strange reaction. When Man saw that Everything had been created by Time, Chance, and Nothing, his Consciousness filled with Despair.

Chance immediately saw a solution to the problem and took the remaining materials she was using to make Consciousness to create Beliefs. When Chance mixed Beliefs into the gray goo, Man stopped filling with Despair and started creating Illusions. These Illusions took various forms—God, Purpose, Meaning—and were almost always effective in preventing Man from filling up with Despair.

Nothing, who tended to be rather forgetful, remembered her creation and decided to take a look around Everything. When she saw what Time and Chance had done on planet Earth she was mildly amused, but forbade them to fill any more creatures with Consciousness or Beliefs (which is why Man is the only Something that has both). But Nothing took a fancy to Man and told Time and Chance that when each one’s Life ran out, she would take him or her and make them into Nothing too.

And that is why, children, when Man loses his Life he goes from being a Something created by Time and Chance into becoming like his creator—Nothing.

Joe Carter is an editor for The Gospel Coalition and the co-author of How to Argue Like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History’s Greatest Communicator.


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