Buying a house and all that

Life is most certainly on the move at the moment. As will I be in a few months time.  It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

Living in a rental apartment for over thirty years I felt more than ready to go on a search for a new home. Considering the current financial situation here in the Netherlands, with low house prices and cheap mortgages,  it would be just the right time to buy a house. So I went house hunting.

The first house was another apartment which turned out to be not what I wanted. I then had a good talk with a financial expert who showed me what I could afford and how to go about it. That helped.

A few days later I saw a beautiful house on one of the major house selling websites we have here. It was a lot of house for not a lot of money. So I arranged for a viewing and took my friend Julie with me.  I knew I wanted the house the moment I stepped in. Do you know the feeling of coming home? That was what I felt …  and I was still standing in the hallway, lol.

It was obvious throughout – this was my house!

I had a second viewing with brother and another  friend and decided then and there I would go for it.  And the bidding started.

What a nerve wrecking few days that have been! I am totally unexperienced so every time something happened I called brother, who first laughed his head off but then gave me good advice. And it worked! Last Monday I got a phone call from the real estate agent again who was selling the house to tell me the owners would make one last offer but would not drop the price any further.  And to my utter surprise their price was lower than what I was prepared to pay for it! Of course I didn’t tell him and said yes immediately!

So now the house is mine and I will move in late March. This afternoon I will meet with my financial advisor to arrange for the mortgage and everything else that needs to be done.

It’s all very exciting!

And here are a few photos of the house as posted on the selling website. Huis voorThis is the front of the house. The dark blue door is my front door with next to it the kitchen window, on the first floor is a bedroom and on top is the attic with a large window.

Huis achterThe back of my house. On the ground floor is the living room with sliding doors to the garden On the first floor is my bedroom with a small balcony. On the top floor is another bedroom with a large balcony.

tuinAnd my garden! Considering we are in the western part of the Netherlands, in a small city, the garden is quite large. And very manageable :)

I can’t wait to get there!! It will be a great summer in my garden! LOL

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19 thoughts on “Buying a house and all that

  1. I am feeling excited for you Riete. But how can I see the pictures ?

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Riete – I see you are now also cross posting in from WordPress and with great results. Love the photos of your new home – so happy for you. A lovely garden you have as well and a spare bedroom on the top floor for guests.

  3. I see you are now cross posting from your WordPress blog to Facebook, and with great success. Love the photos of your new house, I am so pleased for you. The garden looks very pleasant and you have a spare bedroom on the top floor as well.

    • Pat, give me some time and I even start to understand cross posting, LOL
      I love the garden and the fact that I will have enough space to have my family over :)

  4. A wonderful house, Riete, and may you be very happy there. God Bless!

  5. Lots of windows. :-)

  6. The place looks perfect for you, Riete. I am very happy for you.

  7. For that matter, I am happy with you.

  8. I’m happy.

  9. It looks wonderful! Congratulations, Riete! I am very happy for you!

  10. I’m wondering when we’ll be invited for the house warming party………

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