Change is in the air

Sometimes change is in the air. And when it is you just need to go with the flow. Changes in my life have been few and far between. I’m not really an adventurous girl so, even though I traveled quite extensively in my younger years, I was happy to settle down and let life take its course. Between family, friends, church, work and home I felt I was doing great.

The first crack  came when my mom died at the precise moment I was falling into a not-so-nice burn out.  That was too much to handle and I was out for almost a year. So I cut back on activities, left my church for very different reasons (but it got me a lot of extra free time) and learned to say no when I deemed necessary. Quite a change …  from workaholic to almost laid-back , lol.

And now I feel something else coming on … I want to move house. I’ve been living in my current apartment for over thirty years and I’m more than ready to change the scenery. Point is, I will have to buy and as I have been renting all my life it’s  a totally new concept for me.

So, I asked advice. We have an independent financial advisor here who is specialized in mortgages etc and helps you with all the administration you have to face when buying a house. It costs  a few dollars but it also makes sure you don’t forget anything and everything official is taken care of.

We agreed on what I could afford and now I’m searching. The fun part is thinking outside the box. I’ve lived for so long  in an apartment that it was hard to see myself in a house. But all of a sudden there are lovely houses on the market …  houses I like and can afford. It’s so much fun!

Next Wednesday I’ll be looking at a house that is beyond my wildest dreams … quite big  and not too expensive. I hope there is no hidden secret as why it is so affordable.


Only two weeks and we will have our annual Saint Nicholas celebration. Kids in school are getting more and more excited about it and we are busy preparing everything.

Due to the traditional story he traveled from Madrid, Spain, where he is said to live in a white palace, by steam boat to the Netherlands. He arrived last Saturday and it was shown on national television as a major event.  As always he was accompanied by his “Black Pete’s”, a whole bunch of helpers who are great fun.

The whole “Black Pete”  situation made for some discussions (again) with even the UN involved as it was deemed racist to have a Black Pete (in stead of a purple one, or a green one). You’d think that with all the turmoil in the world they have better things to do than investigate an old Dutch tradition. And the whole point is that for some reason no one made the effort to find out why Pete is black in the first place.

The common story is that the gifts, given by the Saint,  are pushed through the chimney, with Pete going after them to put them in your shoes. Of course Pete is black …  it’s the soot.

Another story is that the Saint, living in Spain for hundreds of years, took the Moors,  who are Moroccan Berbers and Arabs living in Spain in the Middle Ages,  with him as helpers. Never mind they are not black …

Anyway, it all depends on how you look at it –  as with most things. For now we are happily going to celebrate Saint Nicholas, Black Pete and all.

I leave you (traditionally, lol) with a song I heard last week and I can’t get it out of my head …  Enjoy!!

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4 thoughts on “Change is in the air

  1. It’s the second time recently I’ve come across ‘Black Pete’. There was somethmg on TV about it and of course because it was in Holland, I thought of you immediately. Did you take any pictures of that great house you can afford? I’d love to take a peek.

    • I’ll post some photos later this week!

      • Thanks Riete, I’ll be looking forward to seeing those. Strange isn’t it Riete, someone you’ve never met, thousands of kilometres away and so interested in your new home. I always think of these things and just how magic this internet is.

      • I think it’s really fun! I’ve met so many wonderful people via these blogs :)

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