Dental woes

I’ve always known my teeth weren’t excellent. Numerous frowns from my dentist in my younger years, dental brackets … it was all to no avail. I had all my teeth filled and a new front tooth before I was twenty-five. Add to that a crown years later and now anticipating two new crowns and  a revision of my front tooth and you get the picture.

So it came to no surprise when I started to get a tooth ache. What did come as a surprise was that my dentist was unable to locate the exact problem. Both of us argued about which tooth hurt …  and as it turned out we were both right.  There were at least two teeth affected.

After a few appointments with no clear result my dentist decided to send me to a specialist, at a  Clinic for Endodontology in Rotterdam. They specialize in complicated root canals and the like.   The dentist there had one look and located the first problematic tooth.  He had a simple solution and that problem was fixed in five minutes.

The second problem involved a lengthy root canal yesterday. Removing the remains of an old root canal and replacing that with a new treatment took the best of two hours in the dental chair with my mouth wide open. Talking of cramps! Ouch!

However, as I was able to see exactly what he was doing, due to a cleverly placed mirror, at least I wasn’t bored. It was quite interesting to see the inside of my tooth and see the entrance of the three root canals.  Add to that the lengthy explanation he gave me every five minutes and it was almost a fun experience.

Well, the fun didn’t last. As soon as the anesthetics wore off the pain hit. And today it’s still hurting. A lot! I’m filled with painkillers and hoping it will be over soon. However, a pamphlet they gave me after the procedure told me it could take the better part of a week for the pain to subside.

I’d love to be the one who beats the odds …

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2 thoughts on “Dental woes

  1. Lots of tea, my friend, will help. No sugar. Not too hot because of those sensitive teeth. Don’t let it get irritated. Just rest…. and laugh at the people like me who are telling you things you already know.

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