The Search

As some of you know my school moved from my hometown to a neighboring town, due to political circumstances. Part of our school is there now, in a really marvelous building and part of the school stayed to round things up in a decent way for the children here.  I stayed and that means I’m still able to walk or bike to school.

However, when I have to move to our new building I will most certainly need to go by car. I don’t like that. So I was playing with the idea to move to a house nearer our new school. Only playing as I don’t like moving. I don’t like the hassle, all the planning involved, the mess … it even took me years to decide to modernize my furniture. Go figure …

But today I embarked on a real mission … THE SEARCH! The search for a new home. Not a rental this time but I’m going to buy. Buying is way cheaper than renting at the moment.

I needed to decide what I want in a house, what part of town I want to be in and how much mortgage I can afford. Things I have never thought about!  But I made my list and googled around to see if what I wanted was even possible. And to my surprise it isn’t even that farfetched … I found several apartments that would be quite nice.

Apartments, yes, as I need to have everything at one level. Stairs are a big no no for me because my knees are really bad.  And I want to be as high as possible. I live on the fifth floor now and my next apartment needs to be at least as high as that but preferably higher. I love the view!

I want at least three rooms (the living room included), a bathroom with a shower (I hate baths), and a balcony facing west or southwest (I want as much sunlight as possible).  And guess what …  those apartments are available! Wow! So, I send brother a link to have a look and somewhere in the near future we’re going there to see what it is in reality.

It’s scary and exciting at the same time.




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4 thoughts on “The Search

  1. After the hassle, you will probably be quite content.

  2. This is exciting news Riete. I always find searching for a new home, exciting. I wish you lots of luck and happiness if you move. When you go to look at places, don’t forget to take your camera and share with us.

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