One busy week off

Having a week off is bliss. Having a week off with family is even more bliss. But the latter one is definitely more tiring! Especially when you are tired already.

Now most years I try to get away for a few days during this mid-term break. Mostly (again) with the family – brother & co – but it’s quite relaxing. This week I stayed at home and “did things”, as we call it here. Something different every day. Let’s see …

On Monday I traveled to the south of the Netherlands, a one hour trip because “the south”  is not so far away here, to meet with my brother, sis-in-law and their two kids for a visit to a Safari Park. They live two hours away so we agreed to meet at the entrance. Apart from a mild traffic jam we all got there relatively in time so off we went  to the first sight of the day …  the coffee corner.  Hey, we are Dutch!

But all joking aside, it was great fun. The bus trip was great, we saw giraffes and jaguars very close by and Julia loved to answer all the questions the “Ranger” asked.  The rest was more of an upgraded zoo but the kids loved it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



When we left Julia came home with me for a stay over.  It’s always wonderful to have her with me. She is such a lively and fun girl. We went shopping for her birthday and of course all her new clothes had to be pink and had to sparkle.  Aunt Riete had the time of her life.

jurk julia                                                              Julia’s birthday dress
As a little girl I loved glitter and glamour too so Julia takes after me and she knows it.  When I decided against a dress that was far too over the top she looked at me, shrugged and said , “Maybe we are not that alike after all, aunt Riete.”  And she’s not even seven! LOL!

Wednesday was IKEA day. Julia and I met with brother & co at the IKEA halfway to their home for some fun shopping. Of course we always go home with more than we initially set out for but that’s normal, isn’t it? We had lunch with Swedish meatballs and French fries and all was well with the world ;)

Poor Gerke had the run of his life however. When I came to the IKEA parking lot I decided to park the car outside. Brother on the other hand had parked his car inside and as we had to take Julia’s stuff from my car to his it would be better to keep the cars as close to each other as possible. So Gerke ran to meet me and tell me where to go. But then …  #1 I didn’t see him.  #2 Julia did and started waving …  but didn’t tell me.  #3 When Gerke came close to my car I just realized I saw a spot to park and accelerated …  so he had to run even harder. Finally he managed to attract my attention, collapsed into my car and totally out of breath tried to point out where to go. Poor boy!

Thursday we all went to see dad and celebrate Julia’s seventh birthday in advance. We had a great day together!

And now, today, is my day off! I slept in, had my hair done and did some nice things with photos and all that.  And then this week off will be over and a very, very busy time of the year will start.

I can do it! Deep breath …

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3 thoughts on “One busy week off

  1. So what things did you buy in IKEA, Riete ? I wish we had an IKEA here in Kathmandu

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