Books, dance and photos …

After a week filled with computers, graphs, forms and a class to teach I was so ready for the weekend!

I don’t mind working hard but as you read in my previous blog, some hard work is just not for me. Anyway … I survived and yes, we did have some fun things this week too.

This week was the start of our annual National Week of Children’s Books. It’s not a week but ten days but a week sounds better, I guess. This year’s theme is “Ready, steady … go!!” – sports in children’s books and now we have our school full of all kinds of sporty things. Even our principal was dressed in a sports outfit to officially open the event in our auditorium. It was hilarious!

One of the assignments for our oldest groups is to give a talk about your favorite sport. They were groaning! They have one week to prepare, it only needs to take about five minutes but it sounded like I asked them to write a book about it.  As our kids are dealing with learning difficulties I understand it is hard for them but some things are inevitable.  LOL!

On Thursday however we had a really fun day as all kids got a lesson in Capoeira, a Brazilian mix between martial arts, acrobatics and dance.  They loved it!! 
This video is of the teacher, Simon, who gave this lesson at our school.

Today I went for a tour on my bike to take some photos again. It’s been far too long since I did that.  The weather was wonderful and I loved being out again.

So, enjoy the start of the Dutch Fall with me …






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5 thoughts on “Books, dance and photos …

  1. It is a good blog, Riete. A great video and the pictures are terrific. You were lucky to get so close to that pheasant.

  2. Lovely pictures, Riete, as well as some really enjoyable information on your life at school.. perhaps one of the best blogs you have shared about school. AND YOU USED YOUR BIKE. See what kind of pictures you got because you rode your bike? I am certain they are so good because of the bicycle.

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