Why I hate to drive through Rotterdam …

… more than an appointment with a dentist!

Today was the day I had an appointment with a special dentist in Rotterdam at a clinic for Endodontology. Seriously, where do they find these names? My own dentist had given up on two of my teeth, feeling there was nothing more he could do to ease my pain.  And, as he didn’t want to decide to pull them out, he send me to this clinic.

Now, let me be honest with you … I don’t particularly like dentists but I’m absolutely not afraid for whatever treatment they throw at me.  I can deal with the pain (and the anesthesia) quite well, so that was not an issue. The issue at hand was …  the clinic is in Rotterdam.

Now, Rotterdam is one of the largest -if not the largest – city in the Netherlands.  And it’s  famous for having the largest port in Europe and the fourth largest port in the world. Nice!  However …  it’s, in my view, the most terrible city to drive your car in. Maybe if I had a large container vessel it would be different but navigating a small car (or any car, for that matter) is next to impossible.

The way in was quite straightforward.  Just follow the highway into town and make sure you take the right exit.  My GPS handled that well. Most of the route in town went well too. Until I encountered that dreadful sign … road construction, detour. Aaarrgghh!! I knew it! They do that all the time. No matter how often I go to Rotterdam and no matter where I need to be it’s never easy. There’s always a road construction!

I followed the sign but that didn’t help much as I didn’t know exactly where I needed to be. I had taken a look at the map at home so I had an idea of the direction I had to take but that was that.  So all of a sudden I found myself at the wrong side of the Maas River,  the large river flowing through Rotterdam.

I risked my life making a U-turn (thank heavens there was no police in sight) and went back to  where I came from. Time was running out so my nerves were all over the place. At last my GPS picked up again and I finally found the indoor parking facility I had decided to go to.

But alas, that was not the end of my trouble. At that time I was almost too late for my appointment so I hurried through the door onto the street, realizing I had no idea what direction to take, right or left? And no one in sight to ask, of course. I decided on going left … what turned out to be the wrong decision. Heading back I dug out my cell phone and called the clinic, asking them some guidance.  They were kind enough so finally …  FINALLY … I walked in the door.

(the street I had to be in)


The meeting with the dentist was a piece of cake after all that, lol.  He had a good look, took another X-ray, poked around a bit and decided I needed another root canal. Apparently we all have four root canals per tooth, the fourth being very small and most of the time invisible, even on a X-ray. There’s no root in it, it’s just the canal but in my case it has probably started to act up. That’s why my dentist couldn’t find the problem.

So, I made an two hour  appointment for November to have it fixed.

Going back home was easy, by the way. Follow the “Rotterdam Ring”  sign, the Ring being the major highways around Rotterdam, and you always find your way home.

*Big sigh of relief!*

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8 thoughts on “Why I hate to drive through Rotterdam …

  1. I bet you were tense when you saw that construction sign. I have only driven in Rotterdam once and that was donkeys years ago.

  2. Driving through Rotterdam is not something I have ever attempted or been tempted to do. :-) I rather doubt its ring road would lead me home. Maybe the equivalent would be Paris—I prefer the train.

    • I would take the train too if it wouldn’t take so much more time. I was at the clinic in half an hour this morning. It would have taken almost two hours by train, bus and metro. Plus the extra nerves as trains, buses and metros have the tendency here to run late. It was the best of two bad options ;)

  3. I recommend you drive to a train station just outside the city that is easy for parking and driving to and train it to town – saves the nerves!!

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