Thoughts about the future and some history

There are some days I just can’t seem to get started. This is one of these days.  My start was so slow I’m still not sure I’m there, lol, even though the sun is shining today and the temperature is actually quite nice.

On days like this I feel an urge coming up to go on vacation.  Mind you, I’m just back so it’s not going to happen anytime soon but a girl can dream, now can’t she? And in the middle of that dream I had an epiphany. Why not use the free days I’ll be having for nice days out in stead of staying at home, doing chores? Wow! Amen!!

For those of you who don’t know already … I am considered a senior citizen here in the Netherlands. At fifty five you’re getting old. Seriously! You can get all kinds of discounts, my landlord (a large house building company) sends me adds for  special apartments for senior citizens and I take part in a Senior Employee Plan at work.

To be honest, that last one I definitely like. It means hours off without too much loss of pay as my employer has to pay for it as well. Of course, given the current financial climate here the idea is to change that Plan, but for now I benefit from it. And plan to benefit from it even more as it will mean working one day less a week starting January 1st. Fingers crossed the Unions and the government will take some time to agree on the change. I might just get in there in time ;)

But getting back to my previous train of thought … going out on my free days is not a bad idea at all. A once a week short vacation will do just fine! LOL

Last week was an historic week for the Netherlands. It was the first time in history that a King officially opened the Parliamentary Year by reading the plans of the government in the so-called “Throne-Room”. Since the “Speach of the Throne” first was read, in 1814, it alternated between Den Haag (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium). These two countries were still one country at the time. Later, after the separation of both countries,  it was read in the meeting room of the government.

In 1914 government decided to use the official “Throne Room” for the opening of the Parliamentary Year.  But, as we have had queens from 1891 till this year, it was always a queen on the throne.

This year however was different. We have a king now so, after more than a century a king sat on the throne and read the Speach. With his queen at his side, another first!  As I said, a historic year.

The “Golden Carriage” arriving …

Binnenhof 2013

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima

Ridderzaal 2013

King Willem-Alexander reading the “Speach”

Troonrede 2013

The King and Queen and the King’s brother and his wife waving at the people.

Balkon 2013

Watching these photos it looks like a very formal and serious event (and part of it is) but for the most part it’s just one great “party” in Den Haag, with people trying to get a good view of the royal couple and having fun.

Vertrek gouden koets bij Noordeinde

And it will take a while before we will have another queen on the throne again. Our crown-princess Amalia will be ten in December so the  coming thirty-odd years are covered by a king :)

(photos from Internet)

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts about the future and some history

  1. Hi Riete. I get plenty of days like that too. Almost every day in fact. I have slowed down so much now. I liked your pictures of the royal family. I wonder how much longer Queen Elizabeth will be Queen.

    • If she follows tradition she will be Queen till she dies. Poor Charles, if the Queen is like her mother, who dies at age 101, he has still a long wait ahead of him.

  2. There must have been something going on yesterday on an energetic level as we had a hard time getting going also. There was a small boy being grumpy in a parking lot, we heard his mother say what’s wrong with you today. It was like he felt the same as us. However we soldiered on and got over it.

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