Feeling better … with some music

Finally some news from the “infirmary”. As most of you know I’ve been ill all week but now slowly recovering.  It was quite a hotchpotch of ailments … a sore throat, headaches, swollen glands in my neck, an upset tummy and a lovely cough.  But, apart from the cough and some severe sniffing I feel almost fine again.

Fall is definitely setting in here.  It’s been raining a lot and temperatures are below what I like this time of year.  As I don’t want to turn the heater on before the end of October I am in love with some warm sweaters I have.

I have quite a massive project on my hands for the coming weeks. I need to (and I means seriously NEED to) clean out my spare room.  My lovely niece will come and stay with me for a few nights but the room she has to use is full of things I need to sort out. I’m quite bad at that so it’s a good thing I now have to look at it.

As some of you know I am an avid reader and love to surf the Internet, looking for interesting blogs and articles.  The ones I really like I put in a Reader via RSS feed. I always used the Google Reader but alas, Google decided to end that feature a few months ago so I had to look for another option.  As I already had a Yahoo account, a left-over from former years, I started to use the MyYahoo Reader. Well, guess what, they managed to screw that one up too. I can’t even access my pages there anymore and as I didn’t want to end up in a time consuming to and fro with “them upstairs” at Yahoo I decided to up and move.   I moved to Feedly which, all in all, turned out to be far more to my liking than the Yahoo one.  But please, I so hope they keep this one as it is. It’s working …  don’t mess with it ;)

I leave you with a videos of Matt Redman who, together with Martin Smith (former  lead-singer of “Delirious?”), will come to the Netherlands next month. And yes, I do have tickets :)

And Martin Smith solo …

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One thought on “Feeling better … with some music

  1. Hi Riete, interesting blog. Glad you are feeling better now.

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