A week of work and Southern Gospel

And another week went by. Time flies when you’re having fun ;)

This week saw me visiting the hospital again, but this time to hear that all was well and I didn’t have to come back for check ups. That was worth a celebration so I treated myself to a small bouquet of roses and, of course, cake …

On Tuesday I met my substitute. I will have regular days off till December and after that I plan to only work four days a week.  So another teacher is needed to replace me on those days. Well, we found one. She is young, just graduated and eager to work …  and she hit it off nicely with my class. I feel confident all will work out well.

My class is still awesome. I love those kids. Of course they have their moments and I need to be strict but all in all we have a great time together. That makes it all the more sad to hear that one of my pupils fathers is determined to get his way and take his kid out of my class. Not because he doesn’t like me or doesn’t trust me but he thinks for some reason that kid will thrive better in our other grade 8 (our grade 8, not the USA grade 8).

So I had a less than pleasant phone call from him, informing me he would take his kid out of school when we wouldn’t comply.  I managed to get him to agree with a meeting with the “higher ups” so …  to be continued.

Last night was the so-called “FreeFriday” webcast from the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY.  I love Southern Gospel so I was thrilled to be able to watch. But, as Europe and the USA are in vastly different time zones it meant an all night affair for me. Not a wise thing to do at my age, LOL.

I remember being able to stay up all night and teach the next day without any problem.  Believe me, that ain’t gonna happen again.  It’s a good thing it’s the weekend so I have time to recuperate.

But it was worth it. I enjoyed it a lot! I love to listen to (and to sing along with) all those different groups. And we are very lucky here in the Netherlands … more and more artists find their way to us and so I have attended quite some concerts these last years. The last one, a few weeks ago, was David Phelps’ second concert here in the Netherlands. This time with Charlotte and Greg Richie. It was amazing! And the Netherlands is small enough to be able to go to all the concerts available …  I gladly travel for  two or three hours to get there.

So, this time a Southern Gospel video to end this blog. The Gaither Vocal Band and friends featuring Michael English who will come for a solo concert in October.  Enjoy …

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One thought on “A week of work and Southern Gospel

  1. Good morning Riete. I’m still struggling to use WordPress but it does get easier gradually. I find it almost impossible to stay awake all night but sometimes I have to when travelling. A few weeks ago I had to spend all night in Tbilisi Airport. I couldn’t sleep in those moulded plastic seats but I was nodding off. Each time this happened, I pushed my trolley round the airport to keep awake. You can imagine the great sleep I had when I got back home to Kathmandu.

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