Musings on a Saturday afternoon

Our school year has started and what a start it was.  Considering the facts that we were still trying to find things after the “big move”, that our Internet connection was shaky, that we were not able to get any email in, that our school phones didn’t work and we were not able to use our printer we did quite well. LOL Most of it is taken care of now (I’m not sure about the email problem, though) so week two should be less eventful.

My class is fun! I had to say goodbye to a great class last year but the kids I have now are just as great. They even managed to get me silent for a moment when they didn’t want to stop writing an essay. Now most of the time our kids hate writing essays because of their learning difficulties. So I expected great cheering when I told them to stop. But no … they booed me and wanted to go on, even to the point of wanting to skip play time. I mean seriously … what’s the matter with them? Let’s hope it will stay this way *fingers crossed*

I got little time to enjoy the fact that my visit to the hospital turned out to be of no great importance. When that dust had settled I needed to visit the dentist (again). Two teeth are bothering me for weeks now and he didn’t seem to find a solution. So now I will have to go to a clinic for endodontology, specialized in root canals and such. Yay! :/

I leave you with a quote  I really liked (thanks, Southern Gospel Yankee ) …  We’re taught (and teach our kids) so much about self worth and believing in ourself, and that is good but let’s not forget there are limits to our self.  A lot of the burn outs and depressions stem from too much emphasis on ourself . But  when have we done enough to be worthy of …  what? Let’s face it , we need more of Someone else to make us worthy.

…We are told to believe in ourselves, and the end result of believing in yourself is that you end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself because you’ve got to be worthy of that faith. The wonderful moment of freedom is when you can finally say, ‘You know what? When I die, I’ll rot. When I die, they’ll put me in the ground because if they don’t I’ll stink up the place so bad that people will be repulsed by it, and it will be better to be buried than to stink. Ultimately that’s what I amount to.’ Thank God that there is a God who is beyond me. Thank God that there is a goodness beyond my goodness. Thank God that there is grace beyond what I am able to extend. Thank God that there is life beyond my life. I believe that I will be resurrected not because I myself will have power to pull myself out of the grave, but because there is a God who loves me and who will raise me up and give me a new body…and man, I’ve got a great one picked out.

– Rich Mullins

And here is the man himself, singing one of my favorite songs

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2 thoughts on “Musings on a Saturday afternoon

  1. RICH MULLINS!!!!! Yeah. I wonder what body he picked out when he got to heaven?

    Either you have a really good class.. or a really SNEAKY one!!!

  2. LOL, I knew you would love the music!
    And let’s just start with thinking I have a really good class. It’s only been a week ;)

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