Before school starts …

Being a teacher is not always about teaching. That’s most clear at the beginning of the school year. Or better said …  before the beginning of the school year. One week before the kids enter the building again we, their dedicated teachers, start our non-teaching part of the job … making sure the class rooms are neat and tidy and ready.

This year is especially stressful  because part of our school needs to move to another building. And even though I am lucky enough to  keep my own class room, it’s total chaos in school so I need to do more than usual.  Unpacking boxes, sorting out books, moving bookcases  around and distributing materials … there seems to be no end of it.  My class room however is finished now so that’s one thing I can mark as “checked”.

Before ….


And after ….


Today I needed to unpack loads of boxes with books as I am responsible for some sort of “library” we have.  Mostly books about history and nature. They needed to be sorted out … keep them or send them to the second hand store. Sometimes you just need to take the oldest books out and replace them with fresh, new ones.  That kept me busy all day.

And in the meantime a huge (a HUGE!) dragonfly came flying in.  Luckily, with help of one of my colleagues, we managed to get him (or her) out again. But not before I took a photo of course ;)


Well, tomorrow I will be back at school to help a colleague finishing her class room and hopefully I will have time left to do some of my administration. Monday will be a day full of meetings and on Tuesday the kids are back and lessons start again. Life will be back to normal!

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