Back from the hospital

And I’m back from hospital. Today I had my operation … not a big one but enough to keep me busy most of the day.  As I wrote in my previous blog I got a endometrial biopsy and subsequently got my first epidural.

My sweet friend for over forty years, Ineke, picked me up at 7am and of course we were way too early. But I was admitted at 7.30am and was told I was second in line …  so a possible wait for over an hour. As I was already in the infamous and highly “elegant”  hospital gown I was going nowhere … and no coffee of course as I was not allowed to eat or drink.

Luckily all went far smoother than expected so after twenty minutes they brought me, bed and all, to the operating room where a jolly assistant prepped me for my epidural. The anesthetist, a nice older gentleman, than gave me the epidural  so quickly it didn’t even register with me that he had finished. I was still huddled over, waiting for the final injection when he wrapped up and laughed at me, “That’s it!” Well, withing a few minutes I lost all feeling and control over my lower body and boy, that was the strangest feeling ever!

The operating theater was filled with  smiling people who managed to roll me without any effort on the heated operating table and covered me with heated blankets to keep me warm and cosy.  And before I knew it the gynecologist painted me in iodine and was busy, watching a screen in front of him. “You want to watch too?”, he asked.  Of course I wanted to watch!

So another screen was set up next to me and I had a look at the inside of me, with a nurse next to me explaining what I saw. It was so interesting!  And it was clear what the problem was in no time … polyps! What a relief …

So the polyps are now removed and I’m up and standing again. That took some time  as I had some problems with bleeding but now everything is under control and I’m home again.  And feeling tired but quite well, all things considered.

The final results will be in in two weeks time so I still have to wait and see but I’m 99% certain all is well now.


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2 thoughts on “Back from the hospital

  1. Glad all is well.

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