My life!

Oh, how I long for some vacation time. Yes, yes, me and many others I guess … But honestly, I’m at the end of my normal amount of energy.

Teaching is a lot of fun, most of the time. Teaching twelve year olds on the brink of puberty and almost starting a career at our version of middle school is fun too. Until the end of the school year. Then it becomes dramatic. Seriously!

Imagine this …

 – Eighteen boys and girls, all with a less than average intelligence, almost all with behavioral problems, either too prominent or too withdrawn, all nervous, all tired … and one teacher, desperately trying to keep it nice, fun and manageable in class.

– Add one manager who wants all evaluations yesterday and one principal who wants all report cards tomorrow.

– Throw in one day of sports, totally rained out.

– Add one week of school camp next week with about forty five boys and girls (all with problems) and six teachers (all tired)

– One end of year musical to be performed two weeks from now (and no, we do not know our roles or songs yet)

 – One girl in my class who got abused last Sunday  (by the mom this time, not the dad) and is now afraid and panicking in class.

Behold my life at the moment.

Yes, teaching is fun. Great fun. Most of the time.

But oh boy …  I do long for some vacation time.


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3 thoughts on “My life!

  1. This is what I have learned to expect from you — and then I am jealous when you get time off!

  2. The end is near…. of the school year.

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