I will survive!

Oh my goodness, I certainly don’t want to be someone who whines all the time about being too busy but these weeks are not fun. Yay for being a teacher … the amount of administration is rising every year (and it feels like it’s rising by the month!)

We just finished all the end-of-year exams, the grading and filing all the results.  Now I’m getting ready to write the report cards. I survived a visit of our state inspector, who not only sat in my class to watch me teach but somewhere in the middle of my lesson started to open up my files, looked in my cupboards and examined the children’s work maps. A real old-fashioned inspection!  As I had a terrible headache I didn’t have to bike to our other building for a talk with her. Sometimes a person can be grateful for a headache.

Next on the list is evaluating all the different plans and schedules we use to teach pupils with extreme problems. We have separate plans for them and they need evaluation every six months. May I be frank? It’s a hell of a job! Absolutely necessary but very time consuming!

And in between all that I teach, we rehearse our end-of-the-year musical and we are in the midst of preparing our annual school camp in July.  Only six weeks to go …  I can’t wait!

I will spend three weeks of summer in Austria again. I’ll go with my brother and his family again as my twelve year old nephew insisted. He loves to have the family together, including Aunt Riete … bless him! I’m so looking forward to it …  mountains, sun (we hope) and more mountains. As Holland is as flat as a pancake we love to see something  that’s higher than sea level, LOL.

Anyway, I’m still alive and kicking, enjoying the occasional sun we have here with  a nice pot of tea every now and then.




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3 thoughts on “I will survive!

  1. WAIT A SECOND HERE — a headache is a good reason to BIKE. Grrrrrrrrrr…..

    Sorry you are so busy. This too shall pass. I can relate to busy. Now my kids are out of school, though, and my home environment changes drastically.

  2. I wondered where you had gotten to and now I realise that it is almost summer holiday season in the North!!!! Something to look forward to – Austria and family! Nice to hear of you again and look forward to more when things quieten down for you!!

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