Spring Fair and “King Games”

After my epic day in the car last Tuesday (see my previous blog) I was hoping the rest of the week would go by in a more tranquil way. It was not. I had totally forgotten that on Friday we had our annual Spring Fair at school, meaning I would be busy till late at night that day.

It was great fun of course – it always is – but the amount of work and energy we have to put into it is sometimes a bit much. This year I kept a low profile during the preparations but on the day itself I had to be there full force.

Our Spring Fair means we open our school after school hours for everyone, offering lots of games, a small flower and vegetable market and a restaurant. The menu is restricted to what we can prepare in our small school kitchen but with the help of some amazing moms we were able this year to offer a full meal.

This year I was in charge of the flower market again. Some dads who grow flowers as a living donated bouquets and potted plants for us to  sell. They were beautiful! Especially the orchids and hanging baskets did well. We sold everything!

The money we raised will go the the local Food Bank, an organization that offers food to the poor. The financial crisis is hitting the Netherlands too so  those who really can’t afford to buy at regular shops (especially single moms)  get food stamps to go to the Food Bank once a week to get supplies. The family of one of my pupils is dependent on the Food bank and he told us about it a few months ago. The other kids were aghast. It was hard for them to understand how a mommy can’t buy food. But now that they hear about it from this boy they start to see that life isn’t all roses for everyone.

The coming week will be less busy. Only coming Friday we will have a special day with sports, meals and festivities to celebrate the inauguration of our new King on April 30. We can’t celebrate on the day itself as we have our Spring Break, so no school that day. Friday is officially called the day of the “King Games” and all primary schools in the Netherlands take part. The opening by our future King and Queen will be done on national TV and after that every school will take part in the “King’s Breakfast” (meaning we will eat breakfast together in class) and later that day the “King Games”. Great fun again!

I’ll post photos next weekend :)


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11 thoughts on “Spring Fair and “King Games”

  1. Anonymous

    Awwww, they put a flower in charge of the flowers!

  2. What does a king have for breakfast?

  3. LOL, sandwiches and fruit I guess ;)

  4. The Spring fair seems such a good idea and I am sure it was fun.

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