Music, royalty and Africa

Yes, I know …  busy, busy, busy :)

However, there are some things worthy of telling, so here I go …

Sunday evening my friend Julie and I went to the concert I mentioned in my last blog. It was awesome! Just awesome! A whole lot of singing along and great music to listen to. And, to be honest, a lot of laughing too. As the music was Jewish inspired it was perfect for a lot of Jewish style dancing. Believe me, it was fun to see so many people fervently whirling around, especially as they were all Dutch. In general the  Dutch are most certainly not made for dancing! It was hilarious and sweet to see …

Yesterday was a very special day. My dad had a dentist appointment. No, that’s not the special part … the special part is that he still has his dentist in my hometown, where he and my mom used to live about twenty five years ago. As they moved to the eastern part of the country they always used their appointment to visit friends here and stay with me for a while. When mom passed away dad decided to keep the dentist and just drive the 360 km (about 225 miles) in one afternoon.

But …  he is not allowed to drive his car at the moment due to his recent cataract surgery. So dear daughter drove to and fro and to and fro, getting dad and driving him to the dentist and back home again. All in all about 720 km, about 447 miles. I was quite worn out at the end of the day. As the Netherlands is quite small and most appointments are close by, we are not really used to driving these distances in one day. But all went well and dad was happy!

Not so happy was the enormous spider we found in his living room while drinking coffee. Yikes, I’m so not in love with spiders! But we managed to kill the thing (it was really to high up on the wall and to large to pick it just up and bring it outside) and get rid of it.

About one hour ago we saw a much anticipated TV interview with our royal couple, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima. They will become our new King and Queen on April 30, so they generously allowed two journalists to interview them. It was amazing to see how relaxed and open they were about their hopes, dreams and plans. After the interview was over the general consensus was that they are more than ready to take over from our current Queen, Beatrix. It will be good to have a young King again (he is in his early forties).

As I’m typing all this I’m very aware of the fact that I really need to so some work for school. We, a few colleagues and I, are writing a musical for our oldest pupils. They will leave our school in July and tradition has it that they perform a “goodbye musical”. This year we wanted to write one ourselves so I need to write two songs before Friday. Help!!! LOL

I also need to take a look at some lessons I have to give this coming week as we will have a special project week. One of my young colleagues spend some time in Cameroon, teaching at a small village school. When he came back to the Netherlands he started a foundation to build schools and employ teachers there. Of course we all help as much as possible and this week I need to teach a lot about Cameroon and Africa, and the kids will try to raise a s much money as they can to send to his foundation “Life Schools”. It will be great fun!

My colleague with one of the pupils in Cameroon :)

Okay, off to work write and prepare …

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4 thoughts on “Music, royalty and Africa

  1. That spider looks COOL!!!!

    You really have kids leading your country, don’t you? 40!!!

    I wonder how long it will take for your dad to quit using his cataracts as an excuse to spend time with his daughter? LOL

    • LOL!!! He will use it at least for another few weeks as he will have his left eye surgery tomorrow.

      We will have a King in his early forties and our Prime Minister is also just 40. The young ones are taking over here! :)

  2. To raise funds for the project is so much more personal when you know who created the fund compared to a larger impersonal foundations – much more meaningful I feel. Your pupils, I am sure, will feel it belongs to them. I can remember when Beatrix and Klaus(?) visited us here in Australia when still a youing princess – being so much more normal compared to our princesses and princes. I served her and her entourage late one night in the hotel restaurant – she, just in her blue jeans and sandshoes, on leaving the restaurant played leapfrog over the bags of linen left about the restaurant as we re-set the tables. What struck me the most was her laughter and fun energy she projected. If you do ot like spiders – the here is not the place for you – this is spiderland!!!!

    Me too goitta rush off to work – beste!!!!

    • How wonderful that you have met her! She was called “Princess Laugh” here because of her laugh. Being a queen changed that a bit, she became far more serious but recently, being a grandma brought the laugh back.

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