Update on a week … and a concert :)

This week I’ve been a bit “under the weather” as they call it (I think, lol). Not feeling well so I stayed home for a few days. It’s one of the many viruses that are going round here this winter …  and I got them all. I’ll be so glad when the weather will change and the sun will come out. I need it!

Today  friend came around whom I hadn’t seen for almost a year. She has a busy job and her health is not great so we only meet when she feels well enough. Today was the day and it was great to catch up again … after almost a year there’s a lot to talk about ;)

We talked a lot about her job and how difficult she finds it. She is manager at a social health organization and not only does she have to deal with major budget cuts, she also has to deal with the people who  try to manipulate themselves out of their responsibilities. She told me she is really willing to throw in the towel and quit. The only point is recession has hit the Netherlands too so another job is hard to find. She will have to stick it out for the next couple of years, till she has finished her Theology study and can start working for a church.

Next Sunday another friend and I will attend a concert of Paul Wilbur. I’ve no idea how well known he is in the USA but here most Christians have at least heard of him. I’m very much looking forward to it as he doesn’t come here often :)

So, to get in the mood I leave you with a clip … enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Update on a week … and a concert :)

  1. In the years I spent living in Holland and Gt Britain I caught so many viruses, that since my return to the Antipodees in 1984, I have only caught two flu viruses. I have no other explanation than I built up a good resistance from the cocktail of flu’s I caught there. Nice to catch up with friends and I can empathise with her on having to suffer in the workplace. A time to practice longsuffering, compassion and forgiveness perhaps – lol. If she were Catholic she could offer the suffering up for the release of souls from purgatory :) I had heard of Paul Wilber by name from others mentioning him but not listened to him as on this clip. Quite a show he puts on!!!!

    Nice to catch up again with your life in blog form and I hope you ahve a wonderful week ahead!!

  2. Under the weather here would be pretty low. :-)

    When asked how one is, in French there is a reply “mieux que le temps” which means better than the weather.

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