Easter Egg Throwing Party – a fun memory

Easter is already more than a week ago but I still didn’t find the time to look at the photos I took of our Easter Egg Throwing Party. Yes, you read it right …  we’ve been throwing eggs. Raw eggs. The kids, that is …

At school we always try to make Christmas and Easter about the real meaning of the day. We are a Christian school after all. So part of the day is used to tell the story, watch a movie about it and talk with the children. But there has to be fun too.

This year me and one of my colleagues were officially in charge of the Easter celebration. After directing the Christmas musical I decided to not do an Easter one. We have an end-of-the-year musical lined up so two musicals in one year is quite enough. But we had to think of something.

Being a bit like kids ourselves (you never outgrow your own naughtiness, I guess, even as a teacher) we wanted to do something that was way out of the ordinary. And what is more fun (and more forbidden at home) than throwing raw eggs at each other? So that’s what we went for.

We organized about one hundred raw eggs, hid them from everyone, told the children to bring an old shirt and kept the secret till fifteen minutes before the party started. I’ve never seen so many nervous kids. The just kept asking what the shirt was for, what we were planning …  and boy, did I had a great time looking mysterious.

When it dawned on them what we had planned you should have heard the shouting and yelling …  they simply didn’t believe us until we showed them the eggs. Then we explained what they had to do. They had to stand in pairs facing each other, throw and catch the egg.  After each catch they had to take a step back. The two who had the most distance between them and still an egg intact would win. 

It was fun! And we were amazed at how hard the eggshell can be … it took quite some throwing and falling for an egg to break. Anyway, we had a blast! Here are some photos of “my” kids in action …

The winners!

And now Spring is slowly starting to enter the Netherlands too. Slowly, that is. It’s still raining but the temperatures are rising and it will be in the 60’s (about 17C) this weekend. Nice!

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