Family, friends and fun

Honestly …  I’m so aware of the fact I’m not here often enough. Not even close to what I would like. But sometimes life just interferes and this is one of those times. I’ll try to do better …

Having said that, life may be busy but it’s fun too. As long as it involves family (I spend a lovely Easter Day with my nephew and niece, catching up on all the latest DVD’s and pop corn flavors),  fun with colleagues (we had a great evening with colleagues …  lots of laughter and good food), dinner with friends (I have one waiting for me next Wednesday) and a totally unexpected meeting with a South African teacher at my brother’s house … which made for excellent conversation.

That last one needs some explaining as South African teachers are not known for visiting the Netherlands at random. My brother and sister-in-law decided a few years ago to not send their children to a day care center but to make use of an au-pair. That meant taking in a foreign girl full time for a year who would look after the kids. Their first au-pair came from Chile, a lovely girl. The only problem turned out to be the language. We speak Dutch.

Now we all understand that not many people around the world speak Dutch. Hardly any, to be honest. But this Chilean girls spoke Spanish and English with a heavy Spanish accent. Nephew had a hard time understanding her and little niece (age 2 at the time) started to speak Dutch with a heavy Spanish accent. Cute but not what we wanted. So after a year (any au-pair can only stay for a year) brother decided he had to take an different approach. So he applied for a South African au-pair, as South African derives from 17 century Dutch and, with a little effort on both side, is quite understandable. It was a great success.

From that time on my family only had South African girls as au-pair. The current one, Celeste, told us her family would come over to visit her last week. Of course brother immediately offered to take them in for the week. And as her mother is a Special Needs teacher, just like I am, I was invited for dinner last Friday. We had a lovely evening. It’s great fun and very interesting to talk to someone from the other side of the world who shares the same love and enthusiasm for teaching as I do.

Anyway, between all the nice evenings and teaching all day my hours are quite full. It’s a good thing Spring has sprung here more or less. At least the sun has been shining for two days already. It’s still way too cold but who’s complaining when the sun is out? I’ve enjoyed it a lot these last two days and a good thing I did as it will rain for the rest of the week.

Sometimes I’m sure I have a divine calling for a teaching job in Hawaii. Sigh …

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4 thoughts on “Family, friends and fun

  1. Hi Riete! Lovely to see you here again. I thought we har “lost” you to some other social network like so many other of the former Multiply contacts. It’s good to read that you are simply having a busy, but nice time. Spring is coming soon, right?!

    • Hi Amalie, I’ve been “contemplating” what sites I wanted to stay on, having tried so many after Multiply. I’ve made my choices now and here I am (again) :)
      I’m also on Muzenews but decided to let my Blogger site sleep.
      I’m so glad Spring is starting again. I sure can use some sunshine after all the snow and cold ;)

  2. In my opinion if you really want to go to Hawaii, God would not be against it. :-)

    • LOL, I don’t think He would mind but on a more “worldly” level … it’s terribly far away from family and friends. I guess I’ll brave the cold and rain every winter and stay here ;)

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