Easter with a dance :)

Easter weekend this year was cold and wintery. It snowed! So I had to adjust some of the plans I had.

Good Friday was my first day off and I managed to get a lot done …  shopping, laundry, some house cleaning (only the essentials, lol) and working through the list of emails I had to answer. A day at the office at home.

Saturday was a day of relaxing, reading, and packing my bag as I promised to be with my nephew and niece on Easter Day. My brother and sis-in-law had to attend her aunt and uncle’s fortieth wedding anniversary so I would take care of the kids.

Sunday started with snow. Not exactly as I had wanted as I planned a visit to the Navy Museum with the kids. We wanted to have a look at some of the navy ships and submarines in harbor and see the history of the Navy. As the snow became heavier and heavier we decided to stay at home. So we had a lovely day with lots of DVDs to watch and snacks to eat. Great fun all around.

Julia, my six year old niece even treated us to a dance performance …

Isn’t she lovely?

I stayed the night and we celebrated my sis-in-law’s birthday yesterday. Another wonderful day, now with all of the family present.

And today, Tuesday, I’m still off as I have one of my senior days. It’s a wonderful part of my job. Our government has this arrangement for senior teachers (those older than 52) to have one day off every two weeks. Of course I have to pay for it. I only get two third of my payment for that day. Which is very doable … Next January, when I turn 56,  I’ll get one day a week off, again getting two third of my payment for that day. That’s still very doable. It’s a wonderful way to keep “older” teachers working :)

I only wonder how long they will keep it up as it is very expensive for the government. And as they just passed a law to keep us working till 67 in stead of retirement at 65 I think they will change this “senior plan” too in the foreseeable future. They will have to pay for it far too long!


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3 thoughts on “Easter with a dance :)

  1. I love Julia’s spirit. Such energy, such enthusiasm! Why didn’t old Aunt Riete get up and dance with her? :)

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