Cars and laughter

Today my car had it’s annual check-up. I went to the car dealer where I bought the car to have it done so I could spend the day with dad. Nice! I also had a talk with the sales manager about the problems I had with my car this last year.

As it turned out, the problems weren’t over. They told me I needed two new tires. He totally understood my anger, explained the situation as best as he could and offered to pay for one of the tires. We both agreed last year was frustrating but he assured me it is a good car and these things can happen.

I know, but that doesn’t make it less annoying. Anyway, we parted in good spirits and may this be the end of my car-trouble!

Last night I had a good laugh at myself. Sometimes you need that, lol! I have music installed on my site on Muzenews and a few days ago I set it to auto-play. Of course I totally forgot about it. Last night I wanted to  read some blogs and I decided to listen to an online radio station I like. So I opened  Muzenews, opened the online radio station and assumed it was on. Then a mail came in and I needed to work through some stuff, totally forgetting I had Muzenews open.

After a few songs it suddenly hit me that this radio station played all my favorite music. “What a coincidence,” I thought and went on working. Then, after about half an hour the phone rang and I needed to radio to quit. It was then that I realized it wasn’t on … I had been listening to my own playlist. Some coincidence!

I laughed so hard I had trouble answering the phone. Thank goodness it was a friend, who laughed even harder when I told her what happened. Typical me … LOL

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2 thoughts on “Cars and laughter

  1. OH GOOD, you posted this blog on WP. I can mock you here instead of Muze, where I tried to mock you and it wouldn’t let me post a comment.

    Really, I have nothing mocking to say. The car stuff is no fun stuff that I can sorely relate to, even the happy ending. There are times when I would rather douse my car in gasoline and light it than fill it with gasoline, mainly when I get the estimate to fix it. And seeing your dad is always a bonus. Bonus, bonus, bonus.

    The music stuff is so pleasantly disturbing!

  2. Cars can be expensive to maintain. At one stage I got rid of my car, invetsed the money in upgrading michelles vehicle and used my Bicycle for transport. It worked well for 6 or 7 years and kept the yearly budget a little easier but recent lifstyle changes meant the return to a two vehicle family again. Sounds like yoiu have a good dealership to deal with !!

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