Life is full of drama sometimes

A quick update as the week is quite busy and it’s already late here (almost midnight).

The “shed” that was flooded is slowly starting to show signs of drying out. It’s not much yet but we had a specialist in today who assured us all was going well. All we have to do is keep the heater they installed on and all will be dry in about two months time. Seriously! Two months! I though my neighbor was about to faint. She has real water damage and she is not happy! I’m the lucky one …  only a small part of the wall is wet and that will be the landlord’s responsibility as I rent the place.

Remember Merlin? His parents give the impression they are starting to come to their senses. They’ve had another talk with the therapist and now we will have a talk with them too. Finally! Strangely enough I’m more hopeful than our principal though. He’s not convinced they will follow through. I just keep my hopes up.

And we had another drama this week concerning one of my girls. As she lives out of town she comes to school in a special cab, together with many other of our pupils. One of the cab drivers told her  he likes her  boobs. She is twelve! She is at a special school! How dare he!

Her mother called the cab company to complain and got a call from the cab driver to ask her not to tell what he did or he will be fired. He told her  to sign a letter stating she will not file a complaint against him. Of course she refused and called the managing director who now is frantic she will go to the papers and ruin his reputation.

You know what bothers me in all this, besides the fact that the driver is a pervert? The total lack of compassion. It’s all about their reputation but not a word about the trauma for that little girl and her mother.

Next week we will have a meeting at our school between the managing director, the mother, our principal, the driver and you can be sure I’ll be there too! I want that guy out  of that cab!

I went to my physiotherapist yesterday, who took care of my neck and upper back. I have a rib that’s acting strangely at the moment and that gives some sort of cramp in my neck muscles. And a massive headache! So, she pushed, pulled and twisted …  and now everything is sore. It does feel like the rib is in place again though but my muscles are still protesting big time. Growing old is not for the faint of heart, I tell you that, LOL.

And with that I bid you good night ;)

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3 thoughts on “Life is full of drama sometimes

  1. I guess I won’t “rib” you about taking so long to go to your physiotherapist.

    You know, READING this makes me want to fly to the Netherlands and slug that cab driver in the nose. No man should ever say anything like that to a woman, much less a twelve year old girl. A guy says something like that to my daughter and I am going to end up in jail. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

    • My physiotherapist “ribbed” me enough! She told me in no uncertain terms I need to call her after four days in stead of six weeks. Six weeks is the time a dr wants you to wait because most of the time things get better over time. Needless to say she doesn’t agree!

      The cab driver will face a nasty conversation next week. His friend cab driver, who heard him and didn’t stop him almost lost his job during the meeting this morning. He is now on probation. His friend will possibly lose his job altogether. I’ve never seen our principal this angry before. Nor the managing director of the cab company. He was fuming!

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