A Sunday Afternoon Miracle :)

Well, what should have been a nice Sunday afternoon, filled with reading and music, turned out to be quite different as my neighbor came to tell me our sheds (underneath our building) were flooded.
I rushed downstairs to have a look. It was bad! Her shed was totally flooded, the shed on my other side and the shed opposite mine were too and then I opened my door, dreading the worst.

It was almost dry.

Just a small part, where water had penetrated the wall between my neighbor’s shed and mine, was moist. But nothing was wet or destroyed. Totally illogical but what a blessing! A little miracle, in my book :)

Of course I stayed to help out as much as possible so my shed is full with their stuff now. And than we awaited the plumber and whoever else is needed to dry the place. In the meantime we went on a search to find out where the water came from. It turned out a drainpipe leaked water inside …

At last the plumber came,  used some sort of water-vacuum-cleaner to get rid off all the water and installed a heater to start to dry the floors and the walls. He also had a look at the drainpipe.

As far as I’m concerned that’s all I need. I rent the place so I wont’ have anything to do with whatever needs to be done. And as none of my belongings is damaged I don’t need to contact my insurance company either. My neighbors however have bought their apartment and shed so it will be a costly affair for them, and a lot of cleaning up.

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon Miracle :)

  1. You were doubly blessed, not only your stuff was unharmed, you were able to be of service to your neighbours. I think we would call that the basement or storage unit. For me a shed is a free-standing building usually out in the back garden.

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