Just a normal week … sort of.

Well, life goes on as usual. Teaching, teaching and oh yes …  I need to do some house cleaning one of these days as my cleaning lady was ill and didn’t come. I consider myself blessed to have a wonderful cleaning lady, Sylvia, who comes every other week to clean my house. As I live alone in a three room apartment I really don’t need more help and this makes sure I don’t have to do anything myself other than the laundry, the dishes and the groceries, lol.

I hate house cleaning! I always say there’s a reason I teach full time … I don’t want to be a house wife. I have the utmost respect for women who manage to keep their house clean and have a job outside the home as well. I never could so the moment I was able to afford it I made sure I had my Sylvia!  But this week the flu got to her so now I need to do some of it myself. I’m telling myself I can do this ;)

Merlin, the boy with all the trouble, is still in my class. I wonder for how long. I got an email from our principal informing me Merlin’s dad has pulled Merlin out of the in-take procedure at the therapy center and has officially informed out school he doesn’t trust us any more. I got a list of all the help and advice offered to Merlin’s parents over the years by us … it started in 2009 and still to this day they refuse to even consider therapy. I told our principal I am very much in favor of reporting them for child abuse as they refuse to give their children the necessary support (they have another son at our school who needs just as much help and doesn’t get it). It will either be that or Merlin’s dad will be told to look for another school for his children. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Merlin needs at least one safe place.

It’s a beautiful Spring week here with lovely warm temperatures. It will be short lived however as they predict snow and ice over the weekend and a chilling 5F in stead of the wonderful 60F we have now. I’m not looking forward to it. At all!

As I have an autistic boy in my class I am very much in support of World Autism Awareness day at April 2, the day we color the world blue. Here’s my first attempt, only I started wit the moon ;)

Here’s their Facebook page … World Autism Awareness Day

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