Spring is in the air :)

March has begun and all of a sudden the weather has changed. Last week we still had snow and ice but today I was even able to walk outside without my coat. Imagine that! It was a lovely 60F and sunny … Spring!!!

The world looks so much nicer all of a sudden :)

After a week off school has started again and as usual the first day was horrible. It’s always the same. The kids get used to the less-than-strict situation at home and coming back have trouble adjusting to school rules again. Even my lovely kids in class, who normally are very sweet and funny, were less than agreeable yesterday. One boy really made me angry when he, at the end of the afternoon and in the middle of a speech about “keep your mouth shut and listen when I talk” by yours truly looked out of the window and started to tell his class mates about a bird he saw.  I sort of exploded … until he smiled at me and said, “I’m sorry, Miss. I forgot you were talking.” Arrgghh …  LOL

This week I need to call my physiotherapist, I guess. My back is killing me, especially between my shoulder blades. Sometimes a rib gets out of place and it needs to be put back. I hate that! It’s the scariest thing when my physiotherapist makes me lean backward and then suddenly pulls at my arms. *shudder* It does work, so I know it’s worth it  but I always try to delay it as much as possible.

Oh well, I’ll first enjoy the lovely sun tomorrow afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “Spring is in the air :)

  1. Quit being a wimp and get to your physiotherapist NOW!!! That sounds uncomfortable.

    We are getting a heavy snow storm here right now. I am not looking forward to the commute home in a few hours. My kids got a day off from school because of the weather. But 65 F days are coming soon!

    • LOL! I’ll call him tomorrow.
      Take care when when driving home!

      • Had a nice spin out on the way home, while talking to Mir on my cell phone. It scared her a bit when I suddenly said “Woooohoooo, I’m spinning!”. She said I had best hang up. I agreed. I needed to turn my car back the other way any how.

  2. It felt like spring here also, yesterday and today. School starts back on Monday.

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