Back again ;)

It’s been a while but I’m back here, trying to keep up with this place as well as with  Muzenews, my main page. We will see :)

I just enjoyed a week off, filled with friends and family. Not that I was very busy but I did a lot …  if you get my drift, lol.

Most time was spend with friends. As we all work full time we need to take advantage of every opportunity to stay in touch. So weeks off are great for just that. Let me fill you in on what happened …

Last Wednesday I spend the day with my dad. He’s 85 and lives about a two hours drive from me. A few weeks ago he had a surgery done on his left eye (he has cataract) so driving a car is a  big no-no for him at the moment. But he does need to see a dr every now and  again so we, my brother who lives three hours away, and I try to schedule all that on our days off. This week it was  my turn. We had a lovely day.

On Thursday I had to pay a quick visit to the hospital to pick something up and then arranged with Ineke, my best friend for over 40 years, to have coffee. We met at primary school when we were ten and now, both well in our fifties, we are still best friends. She recently lost her dad so I try to spend some more time with her, even though we both teach full time.

Anyway, as the weather was reasonably fine, I decided to use my bike in stead of the car. I never liked riding a bike but now that my physiotherapist told me it would be better for me, I bought one last year and even use it now! So, off to the hospital I went.

After I finished there I went to pick up my bike and realized I couldn’t find the key of my bicycle lock. I searched frantically through all my pockets and my purse, went back to the waiting room and made all patients waiting  there stand up to see if my key was underneath their chair but I still couldn’t find it. So I called Ineke, who came by car to pick me up, took me home to get my spare key and then brought me back to the hospital. I sure needed coffee after that!

We had lunch with her two daughters, who I know from the day they were born, and spend a lovely afternoon together. Coming home late in the afternoon I tried one more time to find my key. I emptied my purse for the umpteenth time, searched every corner and suddenly  felt a small hole in the inner lining … yes, you guessed it, there was my key! I still have to tell Ineke ;)

Yesterday my friend Paula came for coffee. She is always busy too as she is setting up her own “handyman company”. With unemployment raising here she needed to find a way to make a living so she is working hard at this, primarily focusing on garden maintenance and  small indoor repairs.

And last night I went to my brother and his family for dinner and then to a benefit concert where my sister-in-law had to sing. It was a concert organized by the school she teaches at, with all proceeds going to an organization called “Dorcas”, which provides food and  clothing to the needy in Eastern European countries. It’s a well known Christian organization here in the Netherlands and it was great to see how many pupils and teachers participated in this event. It’s always wonderful to see how much talent there is in young people and how willing they are to take part. My sis-in-law sang beautifully, of course :)

It’s not the best photo I ever took but she was nervous enough without me pointing a camera at her so I had to be quick.

Today I’m hosting a small dinner party for the dinner-group I’m part of. We are four friends who, for the last twenty years, managed to have dinner together every three or four weeks, cooking in turn. Tonight it’s my turn again, so I’m already busy making my favorite vegetable soup and pasta with an Italian herb sauce, olives and cheese and a green salad with tomato, pineapple and cucumber. We will finish it off with a Tiramisu pudding and coffee with cake.

And then all I have left of my week off is tomorrow. Monday life as we know it will start again. Back to school and back to a week full of meetings! Hmmm …

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4 thoughts on “Back again ;)

  1. Good to see you here. Not much happening on Muze. As always, you have so much going on! And how was it hearing your SIL sing? And bike bike bike bike BIKE!

    • My sis sang beautifully, even though it was way out of her comfort zone. She normally sings classical music but now opted for a modern song. She was very nervous about it but it went well.

      LOL, I bike every day, my friend. For everything I have to do in my hometown I use my bike nowadays. My car is getting rusty ;)

  2. I am glad you posted here. I can’t keep up with several blog sites.
    How fortunate to have a spare key for the bike and then to find the original one, well, all is back in order. :-)
    Good to hear your dad is doing well.
    The ongoing dinner club must be a blessing, to share for so many years.

  3. I am mainly on Muzenews but found out I missed some friends I didn’t want to miss. So here I am, back again :)

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