Humor in class

Today a blog all about my school. It was a busy Monday, kids were unruly so teaching was difficult. This year my class has a majority of girls and that’s not always an advantage, LOL.

To be honest, I prefer a class with boys. They are easier to handle than girls. When they are angry they fight, beat each other up and that’s that. One noose bleed and it’s over. Girls are far more complicated. They have an argument, start sulking, start to gossip, scream at each other, make up and … the fight goes on “underground”. As a teacher it’s more difficult to get a grip on it. And it can take weeks, if not months, before it’s over.

Today two of my girls were extremely angry at each other. They started bickering during the weekend, using “Ping” on their Blackberry and it continued during recess today. It came to a point one of them literally sailed past me, ignoring me and my warnings at all and finally ended up on her seat in class, with an offended look on her face.

After she got an angry talk-to from me she clearly had no idea why I was angry. In her mind she was totally right. Who dared to oppose her?

I could do two things. I could stay angry or I could try to reach her on her level. So, in a last attempt to get through to her I told her, “Listen, next time please listen to me. Don’t walk by me as a diva. That won’t work.” Suddenly she smiled brightly, winked at me and said, “Oh, okay miss. I understand.” And with a typical prima donna hand gesture she dismissed me. LOL!!

Sometimes we have to explain words that are new to kids. Sometimes these words are not difficult at all and we really don’t understand why the kids don’t understand them. “Rare” is such a word. Perfectly normal but it took a while before they “got it”.

One of my colleagues tried to explain it today. She told her class about twins (quite normal), triplets (not so normal as we don’t see many of them) and quadruplets (rare, as we only have one quadruplet in the Netherlands). One of her pupils tried to get his head around it. “Miss, are they all the same age?” A bit taken aback my colleague told him, “Yes, they are. They are born on the same day.” “Wow, miss, what a coincidence, eh?”

It’s clear we still have a lot of work to do! LOL



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One thought on “Humor in class

  1. Dynamics eh!!!!! I have a daughter so have experience of all these dramas!!

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