Exams are over, my stress starts ;)

Happiness all around today in class. The kids finished their exams and all went well. Most of them performed just like expected and that’s fine with me. They have severe difficulties when it comes to learning so showing under stress what you can is a major feat.

We celebrated of course. At out school we always throw a party when the exams are finished, regardless the outcome. One of our teachers took some kids to the kitchen and they came up with lots of French fries with mayonnaise (we love it that way here) and croquettes. It’s a huge feast for Dutch kids!

And to celebrate even more their PE teacher took them to the gym for an extended gym class. They loved it!

And now my stress will start …  I have to write their reports and evaluations. A huge task that I have to finish before December 1. It wouldn’t be that bad if it were only their report cards, but I have to write an evaluation of all their accomplishments over the past years   and a recommendation for their next school. I don’t think I will have too many hours off these coming weeks.

Oh well, I knew what I got myself into when I agreed to teach this group so I can’t complain (too much, lol)

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One thought on “Exams are over, my stress starts ;)

  1. First quarter reports were released about two weeks ago here. We had the marathon of visits with teachers on Monday evening for Nate — 5 minutes with each teacher. Interesting and encouraging, even in the classes where his grade is not the best. You actually came to mind as we sat with the teachers because I remember your blogs about parent/teacher conferences.

    Friites. Yum!!!!

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