Doom, gloom and apple pie

Being from the Netherlands I’ve watched the USA elections with great interest. I always do as it’s always a big news item here too. Last night we even had  non-stop programming about the elections on our national television. It’s quite important for Europe (and the Dutch) to know who the new president will be.

Of course I didn’t really have a preference myself. And I was quite grateful I didn’t have to choose. I’m not a big fan of Mr Obama but Mr Romney wasn’t my favorite either.

It was fun (most of the time) to read all the heated debates and blogs on the Internet. The insults and anger were less fun (but I blogged about that a few weeks ago already) and now it’s interesting to see the jubilations on the one side and the disappointment and doom and gloom on the other side.

The Dutch are facing their own doom and gloom at the moment. Our new government is planning such drastic actions to economize that many people fear there will be nothing left to live on.  We are used to a  nice, organized system that takes care of many of our problems (Americans would call it “socialism”, lol) but apparently a lot of it is unaffordable now. That came as quite a shock to the nation. We are not used to fend for ourselves … it will have to be a steep learning curve for many of us.

In the meantime …  an apple pie is in the oven, vegetable soup is on the stove and, as it’s already dark outside, the lights are on. I’m feeling homey tonight, LOL.

Whatever happens, life is good :)

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3 thoughts on “Doom, gloom and apple pie

  1. Hi Riete, I found your blog from the link to the apple pie photo on FB.
    Sorry to read of the doom and gloom in your country.
    Blessings, Jan

  2. I should not have read this blog when I am hungry. However, I do find it interesting to see you make the statement about economizing — that’s pretty much the state of the world these days. Mir was explaining that to Nate just last night as they watched the election results and he wanted to know why she voted for a certain candidate.

    • It’s the same everywhere of course. As we say here, the trees used to grow right into heaven but now we have to cut some branches. It’s hard, it will be painful but we will adapt to it and life goes on. It’s only that some politicians want to cut too many branches.

      It’s sometimes hard for the kids to understand why and how we have to economize.
      When my mom tried to explain to me why we needed to be careful with our money (somewhere in the sixties we had a small recession going on here too), I had a hard time understanding. As long as mom got change back when she paid the for groceries it couldn’t be a problem. LOL

      Nowadays many kids (and adults) feel they are entitled to whatever they want. It will be hard for them to get used to the idea that life won’t be as easy as they thought it would be.

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