An unsuspected surprise

The weather is cold and wet here and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. It’s not even 4.30pm here and already I have the lights on. And the heating on. Brrr …

Today was my day off (yes I know, I just had a week off but I don’t work full time anymore) and I had a few chores on my list. This morning I went to the lab for some health issues, my fridge was totally empty so I had to go shopping and when I came home I saw a group of four well dressed gentlemen leaving my neighbors house. That of course didn’t concern me but when they saw me they immediately came over to my front door, telling me how glad they were I was home.

It turned out to be a group of important people from the housing corporation I rent my house from. This Spring my house was painted on the outside but the painters did a very sloppy job and of course all tenants complained. But nothing happened.

Apparently the message took some time to sink in because now the hot shots themselves came to have a look. I was all too happy to oblige. They look at the badly painted parts, promised action and left. I figured it would take till next Spring for them to have it painted over.

Imagine my surprise as, exactly fifteen minutes later, my phone rang and the same gentleman asked me if I was home all day. If so he would send a painter today. And lo and behold …  one hour later a painter arrived and had the job done (and done to a very high standard) in no time.

It took a while but now it looks good!


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2 thoughts on “An unsuspected surprise

  1. I think it’s funny that I already have a blog started on a similar topic! We are getting ready to turn the furnace on for the cold weather and had it on Tuesday. I turned it off last night as it was just warm enough to go without the heat on.

  2. Janeen Dishman

    I’m happy to hear that you got the house painted nicely and it didn’t take so long. Glad you were home to get it done too.

    I’m not ready for this cold weather. My brain hasn’t computed that it is November yet either. Somehow I’m still stuck on summer!

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