Future plans and busy months

And today I was back to school after my week off. It was nice to be back but I could have done with some more free days, LOL. Being in Germany with my nephew and niece was so much fun! We enjoyed the trips we made, the beautiful weather and just being together.

One of the fun parts was to discover what good company my eleven year old nephew is. He’s not the little child anymore but a little young man.

My six-year-old niece is still little. She is most happy when she can play and laugh and cuddle. But nephew loved to watch the television with me at night (we both love cooking programs) and tell me about what he wants to do when he gets older. His first choice is to become a rugby professional. Hmmm …  rugby is not a major sport here so that means he will have to emigrate. He knows that and he’s made his choice already …  to South Africa to be part of the Springboks.

His parents are not over the moon about that of course and, as the possibility of him going to be a pro is quite slim, we always urge him to have a plan B. This last week he told me that he might want to become a top chef in a Michelin star restaurant. He obviously dreams big. Which is a good thing!

Back home now and the weather is absolutely dreadful. It’s cold, it rains all day and it’s dark when I go to school and dark when I get home. I so don’t like this time of the year. If only I could skip these winter months and start again in …  let’s say …  March or April. Sadly that won’t be possible and these coming months will be very, very busy.

I’ll be dealing with the End of Primary School Exams (our school system is way different from yours) in November and finishing the reports before Christmas, I also have to produce this year’s Christmas musical (obviously that has to be ready before Christmas too) and yes …  I do have to teach too.

I’m always so grateful when it’s January again.

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