My day off rambles

Today is my day off. Now normally I would sleep in, have breakfast, read my paper and then slowly start to think about what to do. Not today though ….

This morning I had to go to the doctor to bring some “samples” and visit the lab in our local hospital for some blood-work. I’ve been walking around with a nasty abdominal pain for two weeks now so this was the time to get to doctor to look at it. I visited him yesterday and luckily he was very reassuring … for now there is no sign of it being a bad situation.

But then again, there’s only so much you can see during a quick visit. And as there’s definitely something wrong with my colon further examination is necessary. Hence the “samples” and the blood-work *groan*

On a much brighter note …  as the lab is close to our main Mall here in town it gave me the opportunity to go shopping for a nice birthday present for my little niece. She turns six next week and she was very outspoken in what she wanted – Lego “Friends” with horses. Well, Aunt Riete went to the toy shop to buy Lego.


I’m her only aunt here in the Netherlands (her other uncle and aunt live in Australia) and she is my only niece so that means I spoil her (and her eleven year old brother, my only nephew) rotten of course. LOL They are also the two kids I take with me to Germany next week, on a short vacation. We’ll be back right in time for niece’s birthday.

But for now I have this day to myself, more or less. I do have to be in school this evening though, for a meeting with parents about Middle School. My pupils will leave our primary school at the end of this school year and that means  they will go to a totally different school. They and their parents need to be prepared for that, so representatives of the various middle schools we have in town will give a talk this evening.

Interesting but a little sad that it’s on my day off.

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One thought on “My day off rambles

  1. I hope that pain will clear up quickly.

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