Music, school and a rant

I’m currently suffering from an overload of music (if that’s possible, lol). I’ve been creating a play-list on Spotify for my class tomorrow.

We have our annual “National Children’s-Book-Week” this week with “All over the World” as theme. It’s great fun, reading stories from all over the world, and talking about several countries. Tomorrow we will have a “world party” … short plays, world music and food from all over the world, prepared by the parents.

Hence my play list.

Only one more week to go and then we’ll be having our mid-term week off. I’m ready for some free time. It’s been very hectic lately with many meetings and forms to fill in on a short notice.  I so don’t like all the administration that comes with the job. It never was that way when I started thirty years ago.

Now don’t get me wrong …  thirty years ago no one knew what I was doing in class and no one had any idea about how the kids were doing either. That was certainly not good. But now it’s over the top. I have to write down just about everything, write down plans no one but the School Inspection looks at and evaluate till even I don’t know anymore what we are talking about.

I had the guts to ask a School Inspector last year if  “they”, the government and the Inspection, didn’t trust us anymore, as they wanted to see the littlest thing on paper.  She was not amused. But then again, neither was I. I’m all for accountability, but somehow, somewhere you have to decide to trust the people who do all the work.

Okay, enough ranting *grin*

Only one week to go and then I’m off to Germany for a few days. A cabin near a lake, walks in the woods and fun with my nephew and niece, who will come with me.  Heaven!!



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9 thoughts on “Music, school and a rant

  1. There had better be U2, Newsboys, and Yngwie Malmsteen on that playlist.

  2. Too much music?! LOL Yes, I agree sometimes we do need to take a step back. Sometimes I’m shocked when I get that way myself. I just get tired of listening to the same old thing so to speak. The mirco management is ridiculous. I agree accountability is good but like you when I’m at work we are told what info we can and can’t ask…. but then they want the info we can’t ask. :( Really?!

  3. I definitely don’t miss the admin! That play sounds fun :) The holiday sounds like bliss though… soon… soon….

  4. Sean E

    Please take some consolation in the fact that it is not just your country that doesn’t trust the teachers to do their job without having to jump though so many hoops there is hardly enough time to do the job they want us to!

    The world party sounds like a good idea.

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