Rugby for kids

This morning I went to see my eleven year old nephew play a few rugby matches. He loves to play and Aunt Riete loves to watch him, so in a pouring rain I took off for an hour-long ride to the rugby field.

Rugby is a game that never seizes to amaze me. It looks rough and hard, but the rules are so strict (and especially with the kids they apply them very strict) that hardly any kid gets hurt.

Nephew is now at an age they learn how to “scrum”, which is a whole art in itself. It means literally taking your fellow teammates by the balls in order to stand strong. It’s fun to hear what they said when they first had to learn. Most boys just looked in horror at their trainer and nephew was overheard saying, “Yikes! Gross!!”.LOL

But they learned (except for one boy who keeps resisting, lol) and now they act like they are professionals.

Another difference with last year is that they now play longer matches. In stead of two times ten minutes it’s now two times fifteen minutes. That in combination with a larger field makes for very tired boys at the end of the day.

Luckily there’s always the canteen with energy drinks and bananas in between matches and hamburgers after all is finished. And the trainer with his ever optimistic pep-talk, especially when they lose all matches, like today. As starting “minis” they are the underdog as most of their opponents are seasoned twelve-year olds. But he always sees every one of them do something exceptionally good during one of the matches and afterward points it out to all so “y’all can learn from that”.

It’s great fun to see them play … and I’m glad nephew loves it when I come to watch him.

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One thought on “Rugby for kids

  1. I didn’t know about that technique.

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