Music from/for the heart

Music has always been one of my passions. I used to play the piano (8 years of practice and not that good, I’m afraid) and now I play the guitar (educated myself, but well enough to accompany the kids at school.) And I listen … always. I love to listen to music!

My musical taste however is quite divers. I love classical music, but I also love hard-rock. I absolutely melt when I hear a great guitar riff! And most of all I listen to music “with a meaning” – Christian music, and especially Southern Gospel. I love to sing along and tell God in this way that I love Him.

Not so long ago I had a conversation with someone about music. She is one of my  younger colleagues and she was telling me about some artists she liked. So I told her what kind of music I like to listen to most. And it became clear that our way of listening to music was very different.

She likes music to act as a sort of wallpaper when she is busy or to dance on with friends. When I listen to music it’s always because of the words (when a song) or because the melody has a meaning to me.

That’s what music is all about, in my opinion. It moves your soul (wow, great words, but true). Music can touch you as nothing else can. It can make you happy, sad or reflective. It can bring back memories or give hope.

Music is in essence created to worship our Creator. That’s why it touches the emotions of people. Worship is from the heart, from the inner core of your being. So that’s where music touches you the most.

Whether it’s classical, pop or rap (whatever your taste) … music always touches something inside you.

When one of my interns once told me about music (one of his passions) his eyes lit up and he just couldn’t stop. He just loves to play the piano and sing along with some friends. That same passion have I seen in my friend’s daughter, who is studying percussion at the conservatory in The Hague. She’s forever talking about music and drumming away.

That’s what music does to people. It’s from the heart, because that’s what it’s created for.

So, here’s a piece that is one of my all time favorites … Bruch’s Violin Concerto (1st mov) played by Joshua Bell.

And on a more modern “big band style” way, just listen to this …  and be happy!

For more “heart” music, see my Music page under “I Like”.

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3 thoughts on “Music from/for the heart

  1. Absolutely fantastic music!

  2. Myfavourite is the first video.

  3. I’m not a very good pianist either but I treasure our piano and keep banging away anyway. I think I need some giant glasses and a super spotlight–maybe then I would make fewer mistakes. I find I appreciate music the most when I am participating. My favorite is vocal harmony.

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