Family affairs

Today I went for a visit to my Dad. He is 84 but still going strong :) Nevertheless, he had a nasty fall this week so it was time for me to go and have a look.

Dad lives on the other side of the Netherlands.  Now, before you get any grand ideas … that’s a two hours ride from my home near the coast.  I live in a small country, about the size of Hawaii, LOL.

It was a nice visit. Dad always enjoys us coming (that’s my brother and his family and me)  but due to family, work and distance we can’t go there every week. I know, two or three hours is not much to you in the USA but we Dutch people, consider that a TRIP! However, we do try to visit him at least once a month.

We had a great time reminiscing of the past. Stories about my mother (who passed away almost four years ago) and our childhood always make dad smile.  But today he told me stories about his youth. He never does that, it was not an altogether happy time for him, with World War Two going on,  but now he started to tell.  All I could think of was, ‘I need to remember and write it down as soon as I am home!’

Luckily the fall didn’t do much harm. Apparently he tripped over a rug he had in the hallway and fell face forward against the wall. It could have been much worse but all he has is a damaged earlobe and a bruised hip.  He had a check up with the doctor and all was well, so he is on the mend now.

And the rug has gone. His cleaning lady, a lovely lady who looks after him as she did after her own dad, decided on the spot that he needed to get rid of it. And, as dad told me,  she picked it up and it’s now in the garage. LOL

I like her!

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One thought on “Family affairs

  1. Good idea to write down your f thers experiences and so nice you are abl to enjoy him in your life for so many years!!!

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