“I have no humor, Miss”

Being a teacher is sometimes just plain hard work but quite often it’s just plain and simple fun. Especially when you have to deal with children who are not your average child. And I have sixteen of them in my class.

Today was one of those days. This morning one of their assignments was to write a small story. Small as in nothing more than about 100 words That’s about what they can handle.

The story had to be funny as we were learning about humor. What is humor, how can you use it etc. They could choose from four different titles and they had to draw an illustration when they had finished their writing. Simple, eh?

Nope. Not for some, that is. Most went about it with gusto but for some it was very hard.

One boy, Andrew, looked at his paper for some time, with a deep frown above his eyes. He sighed and came to my table.

“What is it, Andrew?”, I asked.

“Miss, I can’t do this,:” he said, with a worried face.

“Why not?”

“I have no humor, Miss.”

It was all I could do to not laugh out loud. So I told him to just start writing, “and we will see what you come up with.” I could see he doubted it very much but he went to his seat and started his assignment.

Finally he came back, showing me his paper. I read his story, about a potato chip that didn’t want to be eaten. He ended the story with the potato chip screaming for help and jumping out of the bag. It really wasn’t funny … but he needed some encouragement so I laughed out loud, telling him I could see the potato chip jumping.

The look on his face was priceless. His whole face lit up, his eyes started to shine and I could see him thinking, “Hey, I do have humor! Great!”

Sometimes you just need to bend the truth a little bit to help a kid on his way :)

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9 thoughts on ““I have no humor, Miss”

  1. It’s good I’m not a teacher. I laughed when I read Andrew’s reply, “I have no humor, Miss.” Had I actually seen and heard him, I’m afraid I’d have had to go from there, and explain to him about how much some people enjoy deadpan humor, because I surely would have laughed out loud!

    • I had to bite my tongue, too, but after thirty something years of training I am almost able to keep my face serious when necessary. Almost, not always, LOL

  2. I always enjoy your stories about your children and the class in general. Must be the heart you write them from. Great character he chose – that in itself is so funny – the concept of a potato chip that does not want to get eaten. Where does such a thought come from – beautiful

  3. Sean E

    It is certainly a skill you develop as a teacher. I have to say I think that I’d struggle with a funny story in 100 words but a good idea to make the marking quicker and more enjoyable!

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