Dutch tradition … a fairy tale of sorts

Today was an important day in the Netherlands. It’s the third Tuesday in September, commonly known as “Prinsjesdag” (the Prince’s Day). Even though it has nothing to do with our current princes, lol.

This day is all about the annual official opening of Parliament, with the Queen reading the so-called “Troonrede” (Speech from the Throne, or the Queen’s Speech).
It’s a speech in which she tells what the government is planning to do in the next year.
The speech is held at the “Troonzaal” (the Throne Room) where the queen arrives in the Golden Carriage

This year was a bit strange. Officially we do not have a government yet, as the political party’s involved are still in the middle of negotiating. So the old government, which is holding the fort so to speak, has written a general outline as to what they think should be done. Of course, with the new government in place, some things will change for sure.

Nevertheless, it’s an old tradition and we love it … especially the involvement of the Queen and her family.
It all looks like a fairy tale.

Life as a Royal is not a fairy tale for our future king and queen either. Prince Willem-Alexander and princess Maxima both have very busy schedules, even though Maxima tries to be at home as much as possible to be with their three daughters.
Today however they were with the Queen all morning and most of the afternoon.

In an interview they told the reporter they lived a life like every family with two jobs. Planning, rushing from here to there and eating microwave meals …
And, as princess Maxima told us, she also tries to be involved in school activities with the children as much as possible, being a “lunch-mom” and being part of a carpool system and driving several kids from home to school and vice versa a few times a week.

It all looks like a fairy tale but real life is real life … even when you are a royal. At least here in the Netherlands.

The whole Royal Family, waving from Queen Beatrix’ palace balcony.

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6 thoughts on “Dutch tradition … a fairy tale of sorts

  1. Interesting, Riete! This is much how we feel about our royal family too.

  2. nice read!!!! I have always liked the relaxedness of the Dutch Royalty in comparrison to the English Royalty.

  3. oops I hit the enter button!! Anway to continue…. I really liked Juliana when I lived there – she was a down to earth type and a Queen to be proud of. Loved seeing the odd photo of her in newspapers with curlers in watching a parade and such things. Many years ago I served Beatrice, as a princess, when she visited Sydney maybe about 1973. It was a major Hotel I worked in and She and her entourage came in for a late meal dressed in jeans and sneakers – they seemed just like anyone else – lauging an fooling around. After the meal and being the late waiter (the one who took care of all the late diners and cleaning up the restaurant) I had all my piles of dirty tablecloths scattered about the aisles all bundled up ready to be taken to the laundry. Anyway they all started playing leapfrog over them as they left for their rooms. Not something you would expecty from a princess but I realy liked it that they did so. They left a nice tip too – pretty good I thought let alone her being a princess and dutch!!!

    • LOL, you see, we are not as stingy as everyone thinks!

      We are indeed very fond of our royals. Beatrix is more a real, stately Queen than Juliana was but now that she is a grandmother you can see her melting ;)

  4. This was fun to read about your royal family. The thing that always startles me, though, (because I’m an American) is hearing people say, “We don’t have a government.” I suppose that you cannot imagine how horrifying that sounds to American ears LOL. Because, you see, I think of nations like Great Britain and the Netherlands as being the height of civilization, and yet the words “without a government” conjur in my mind visions of third world anarchies. So my first reaction is always horror. And then a split second later, my brain reminds me that your governments are parliamentary, and all is well. Whew! That’s a relief!

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