Dutch elections … a land slide


Following our election day yesterday politics have been more than interesting. We have seen a huge land slide in our political landscape. Totally unexpected!

The last ten years saw the Netherlands voting four times. Politics here were very instable and we have had four governments in ten years time. People clearly had no idea what to do and who to vote for.
Emotions run high and it looked like the always realistic Dutch were reduced to populist thinking …  no rationale at all anymore.

Yesterday was different.

A huge majority voted for what seems to become a totally new two-party system. Now bear in mind we had about twenty-one political parties taking place in yesterdays poll, so for two parties to get the absolute majority together is really something unexpected.
Our Liberal party, the VVD and our Socialist-Democratic party, the PvdA both won so much they can form a secular majority government together.

Why do I say secular? Because in all governments since the 1800’s we’ve had Christian political parties taking part in government. This will probably be the first time  Christian parties will not be involved.
It looks like what we see in society, a steady decline of Christianity, has now infiltrated politics also.
Christians are now officially a minority in the Netherlands, which means they are numerically not important anymore.

And it looks like the surprising growth of the Liberal and Socialist-Democratic party is a sign that people need more stability. After almost unworkable governments consisting of four or five political parties and after our last government with populist Mr Wilders (of Fitna fame and other anti Islamic and anti European principles) it seems most have had enough of emotional one-liners and fascist ideas. His party is all but annihilated. And thank God for that!

I’m very disappointed however to see that our three Christian parties have not won more seats in Parliament. It’s a sign of the times, I know, but I had hoped they would have done better. Luckily “my” political party has kept its five seats, but it would have been nice to have won one more.

For now we have to wait and see. Both winning parties are now going to meet and try to agree on forming a government together. It will take weeks before we know.
And if they don’t come to an agreement we will have to wait even longer as other parties will get involved.

Let’s just hope we won’t follow the Belgians. They took over a year to get a new government.


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