In the dark

Today was a first … or at least something I only did many, many years ago. And I am so proud of myself (you are allowed to snicker at the end of this post).

Every year we have a National Youth Book Week which we promote at school. It’s a week filled with extra lessons about reading. It’s always a lot of fun as we have our own Reading Contest, our annual Book Fair and a “Read this Book” hour where pupils who want to can promote their favorite book.

To prepare for this week our City Library always organizes a Book Fair and some workshops. This year I went with two colleagues, Tom and Ray (his name isn’t exactly Ray but it’s unpronounceable in English, so let’s make life easy for you, lol)

We decided to go out for dinner beforehand so I had to think about how to get from A, the restaurant to B, the Library. It was obvious that going by car would be a little complicated as there was no direct road between the two. It would take quite a detour. Not to mention the lack of parking space at both venues.

Now normally I wouldn’t have bothered. Of course I would go by car … and somehow I would manage to overcome the obstacles. I had no bike and I refuse to travel by public transport as it is horrendous in my home town. But … recently I bought a bike.

So I decided to take my bike. No problem at all were it not that I would have to go back home in the dark. And *blush* I had no idea how to use the lights on my bike. They are those modern thingies that use a battery. In my time, dear children, we had lights that used a dynamo, like this …

And now my bike has led lights like these …

After we finished our workshops it was pitch dark outside. Luckily Tom came by bike too so I asked him how to use my new lights.  He didn’t even laugh. And showed my exactly what to do to be safe on the road. Such a gentleman :)

So, for the first time in almost twenty five years I went home by bike in the dark. What an adventure, LOL.

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2 thoughts on “In the dark

  1. I wouldn’t know how to switch the bike on, or keep it in a straight line and not fall sideways. Have balance problems and at the age of 66 can still not ride one, but have never given up. I somehow think I would be a fish out of water in Holland, lights on the bike or not. But I do like dutch cheese, so that might qualify. Drive carefully or ride carefully.

    • The fun part is that when you have learned as a child how to ride a bike you never forget. It’s been over twenty five years since I rode a bike and I just hopped on and all went well. But I agree, your balance needs to bee in good order ;)
      You can qualify for being Dutch without a bike, though, LOL.

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