Can I get some rest now?

What a week! So much is happening and I feel like I’m constantly running around getting things done. The fun part is, of course, that I do get them done, lol.

The week started with a whole day of meetings. The kids were a day off and we got to evaluate their prognoses and goals for this year. It was long but interesting. And it’s always good to talk together about how to deal with certain problems as we all teach all kids in our building. So we all need to know what to do and why.
After school I rushed home as it was the start of the Week of Cancer research here and I promised to go around my street to collect money. My street as in three hundred apartments in my apartment building. Last year I did this all alone, this year I asked for an assistant. I support cancer research with all my heart but enough is enough …  I didn’t want to spend another three evenings going from door to door.
It is fun however as I have done this for the last couple of years so people start to know me.

Tuesday I had a meeting after school about a new curriculum a colleague and I have to write for what we call here “world orientation” lessons – History, Geography, Biology and Sociology.

Wednesday afternoon was horrendous. I had to go to the dentist and he discovered, by using the “ice-treatment”, what tooth exactly was hurting me. If you need some means of torture let me know …  this is perfect!
And now I’m scheduled for a lovely root canal now.

Thursday was scheduled to be a calm and tranquil day but I nurtured a terrible headache and stomach cramps. A virus that’s going around here …  and of course I had to take my share in it.
Let’s say teaching was not fun. I seriously need to apologize to the kids on Monday.

Today I stayed home. I felt lousy. My head hurt. But …  there was work to do. I had scheduled for a new bed frame and mattress to be delivered today. As I live a two minute bike ride from school I had arranged for them to call me about half an hour before they would come so I could turn my class over to my intern, rush home to open the door, pay them and rush back to school.
I also had to take my old bed frame and mattress five floors down on Thursday but of course, due to my head and stomach, that plan fell through.

However, it had to be done so this morning, with enough painkillers down to make me feel like floating, I struggled to get the double bed frame and double mattress down and into my garage. It was hot today so my face  looked like a  beetroot when I finished the job.
Then it suddenly hit me …

For over two weeks now my door bell and intercom are dead. In my apartment building the lines go from bottom to top so I use the same line as the apartment right above me and right under me. There ate thirteen apartments on my line and one of them tampered with his intercom due to renovating his home. So all of us were now without door bell and intercom. It took our landlord two weeks to determine where the fault was and yesterday  I heard it said that the job was done. But for some reason I didn’t believe it so this morning I asked my next door neighbor to stay in my house when I went down to ring my bell (sounds like a song … but I digress, lol). Of course it was dead as a doornail …

Now I had a problem. The delivery man could ring but I wouldn’t hear it. Luckily my neighbor is very sweet so she told me they could ring her bell (again that song ♫) and she would let them in. So I put up a notice on the front door and went home for a large cup of coffee.

In the end it all went smoothly. They rang, she opened and I had my new bed.

And now I need some rest this weekend. Pheww!

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11 thoughts on “Can I get some rest now?

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a fairly tempestuous time of it, Riete. Hope you can relax over the weekend!

  2. Forget rest, my friend. You need to come up for air! Woah! make good use of that new bed. I hope your head and… uh… digestive system are feeling much better by now :)

  3. Hello ! You dont know me, but Im a friend of Shers from Multiply, now on Facebook. Havent found me a place yet, but hope this is something for me. Thanks for writing to Shers or Id never found it. Greetings from Anne in Norway.

  4. Ooooh I like the term World Orientation. In Montessori we call it the Cultural area but the EYFS calls it Knowledge and Understanding of the World. All I can think is you must have a super huge lift to move all of that!! But at least you have a comfortable new bed to sleep in at the end of all your crazy hectic days!! AND also don’t worry about the root canal – just tell them to completely drug you up, that you don’t want to feel your face for the rest of the week, and you will be okay. :)

    • LOL, we have a lift that’s large enough to house twelve people, so one double mattress was no problem. The problem was getting it there without taking all the flowerpots of my neighbor with me ;)

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