From my heart ;)

I’m really starting to love this place. Not only is it very easy to use, but the photo upload is amazing and I love how many pages you can add. Gallery after gallery, LOL.

Absolutely fun!

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14 thoughts on “From my heart ;)

  1. wonderful eh!!!!!

  2. Once I figure this out, you’re in trouble. :)

  3. lots of fun!

  4. I’ve still not got the hang of WordPress. I was hoping to transfer my hundreds and hundreds of Flickr images on to my WP site, but I’m still learning ….

    • Uploading photos is fairly easy, even in bulk. It’s also easy to set up different pages for them. Sadly there is no transfer tool yet … and I doubt it will come in time.

      • Thanks, Riete. I’ve had 100,000 views on my Flickr site, but don’t like the way they only leave 200 of your most recent images up until you cough up for the Pro service again. It’s like they kidnap your work until you pay the ransom!

      • Do make sure you see how much you can upload here, though. I’m not sure as I do not have that many photos (yet).

      • Thanks Riete, I’m still having trouble creating galleries.

      • Is uploading a problem or don’t you now how to create a page for the gallery?

      • Even simpler, Riete. The gallery tab doesn’t appear. Apparently it’s a common problem for some WP users.

      • Is uploading a problem or don’t you now how to create a page for the gallery?

        This is how I did it …
        Go to dashboard … pages … add new page … this will be your “mother-page”, like my ‘My Photos’. When you have created that one and published it, it will show up on the top of your site.
        Go back to dashboard … pages … add new page … but now you look at the right side bar where it says Page Attributes. Click on scroll down menu Parent and it will show the name of your just created mother- page. That will be the Parent. Now you can upload photos and publish … your page will show up “under” your mother-page. You can do that indefinitely …

        Uploading photos in your gallery …
        Go to dashboard – pages – add new page – enter title – click on scroll down menu Parent – click on the name of the mother-page – on top of your new page click on upload/insert – click on select files – select the photos you want to upload (you can select in bulk)- when they start uploading scroll down – you will see thumbnails of your photos – click show – now you can change the title of your photo, add a description, select the size and the order in which you want to show them – click save all changes – click insert gallery – click publish. Now you have your gallery.

        Good luck! :)

      • Thanks Riete, that’s brilliant. I can tell you’re a teacher – logical, helpful instructions! I’ll let you know how I get on!

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