Reading: “Hiking Through…” by Paul Stutzman

I read this book, Hiking Through , by Paul Stutzman, a few weeks ago. It’s about the writer hiking the Appalachian Trail after his wife died. Along the way he re-defines his relationship with God, life and himself. It’s a great read! It’s both a hiking experience and a walk through life.

Like him we often take God, life, family and whatever else we have for granted. Only when disaster strikes (of whatever nature) we tend to reflect on what it really means … if it  means something at all.

Do I really believe in God and if so, why? Do I really consider my family more important than my job? And what about me?

Even though I’m not likely to ever be able to hike that trail I so would like to have the possibility to pack up and start. Next best thing … reading about it and dreaming about what I can do, eventually … one day.

In the meantime …  don’t wait for a disaster to happen before you reflect on your life. Take time now! :)


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3 thoughts on “Reading: “Hiking Through…” by Paul Stutzman

  1. Hiking or just waking in nature, offers a wonderful opportunity to do some reflections about what matters in life.

  2. I believe it is easier to do the St James Way. One does not have to carry as much stuff and I never saw any wildlife in the shelters.

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