Blog review – a personal story

From the moment we, the Multiply bloggers, received the news our “home from home”  would be terminated there has been a mad running around the blog-o-sphere to find a new place to meet and greet.
Names from blog sites, experiences, tutorials and cries from desperation have been heard and seen all over Multiply. Pro’s and con’s are being weighed by many. It’s becoming a full time job if you don’t take care :)

On the other hand there are those who just keep quiet, who bide their time and wait till the last moment to decide what to do.
It may be clear I belong to the first group. Unashamedly, I may add. LOL.

There was a reason to my madness, though. I am a slow learner when it comes to new blog sites. I need time to “feel”  my way around. I am not familiar with all the rigmaroles needed to set up a site the way I like it. And even the tutorials, however helpful, can only help so far …

So, as a friend of mine called it, I spread myself thin these last weeks and sported six blog sites simultaneously. Now don’t get me wrong, they were not all new to me. Two of them were already in full bloom and working, Multiply and Facebook. So I had four new sites to work on and to experience.
And it has been quite a journey.

I am ready to slow down and decide.

Let me first state that I love to blog. I love to write about parts of my life, share my ideas and photos and repost interesting articles I read. I also love to socialize, to talk and discuss, to get to know people. So it’s not just about posting an article (however well written by me, lol), it’s also about interaction.
So, looking or a new blog site one of the thing important to me is how easy it is to actively interact with people.

Another important part is my photography. I want a good site to post photos. It has, above all, to be easy to do so. And it has to look good , too.

A lot of people like to personalize their site and demand many possibilities to do so. I love that too …  but I can live with the minimum if need be. So that was to me not a major factor to consider.

Having said that I will now try to give an account of my “life in blog land” and the decisions I have made.

Looking around I started at Blogger, mainly because some of my contacts were happy about it and I had a sleeping Blogger account already. I woke it up and started playing with it.
I was not impressed. Creating the site was not too difficult, but to get it to the point I felt comfortable with needed a lot of technical skills I didn’t master.
Even the most helpful tutorials of Baz (oceankinguk) didn’t do the trick … I still don’t like it. One of my major problems is the lack of immediate socialization. It needs some sort of email or Google Reader to be able to keep updated about ongoing discussions and even then it’s hard to follow.
In short …  too technical and too little interaction. If I need five to ten tutorials to just set up the place it’s not for me.
(I do keep the site open though as it will host Picture Perfect in the future and I will not miss that for the world!)

My second visit was to  Blogster. It is much more simple, easy to navigate and very basic. No frills, no extras, what you see is what you get. You can’t do much to personalize your site other than add a photo and change the theme or colors (and even a personalized theme is hardly visible), but the way to interact with people is very straightforward as you can follow updates almost in real time.
It is said to suffer from severe bugs but in all honesty, I haven’t seen them yet. Once I was  past the spam filter – all newbies have to face a sort of initiation where your first blogs will disappear as the spam filter sees you as spam, but the admin is quick in solving your problems – all went smoothly. It has the possibility to include a Flickr tab so all my new photos will post immediately. Nice!

On to Ipernity. This site was the most fun to set up. Music (your own playlist) , photos (your own slideshow), your posts … all on one page makes for a nice site.
It took a while to find out how to see updates, and following discussions needs a few clicks, but it’s doable.
However, it’s not a site that’s teeming with activity. Traffic is slow, so to speak. Probably my fault too, but for some reason, even though it’s all very nice there, I didn’t connect emotionally with the site (typical female, I guess, but hey, that’s what it is).

Finally I started at WordPress. It was relatively easy to set up and make it personal. Here too a Flickr account can be added so new photos will be visible in your side bar. You can add many widgets to make it fun and posting is easy. Following updates via the WordPress Reader is easy and following comments is too … it shows on top of your page.
It is probably not for just a bit of chitchat. The site invites more to posting articles and photos/videos then for writing about your daily shopping. However, it can be done and will be done, I guess.

So, where does that leave me?
For now I tend to skip Ipernity, as it does nothing for me.
I will definitely stay on Blogster as I have already met a lot of nice people there who write interesting blogs.
I will stay on WordPress to see how that works out. It looks promising.
I will keep Blogger only for Picture Perfect and nothing else.
And my Facebook will stay what it is now, my small talk site.

It was clear from the moment we heard Multiply would end that we would lose contacts. My first reaction was to go where the majority of my friends would go.
I decided not to do that. Not because I want to get rid of you all …  I won’t. I would prefer to stay here at  Multiply and keep you all on my contact list.
But it’s also important to find a blog site that suits me.

I just hope to keep in contact with as many as possible, via Facebook, Blogster or WordPress when December 1 the gate closes here on Multiply.

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2 thoughts on “Blog review – a personal story

  1. This is so similar to what I’ve been doing, that I just smiled :-)

    * I found Ipernity OK too, it was easy to set up, but a bit oldfashioned. I will probably delete my account and try to keep in touch with my friends there through other sites.

    * facebook is merely for my norwegian friends and family, all written in Norwegian.

    * I made a Blogger account since so many others prefered it, but I’m not actually comfortable with it. Google is collecting info from the users, that should make ppl think twice before the post stuff there.

    * WordPress is so far my favourite. These days I’m spending hours testing out the different themes, widgets and other possibilities. The more I learn, the more I like it.

    Glad you are here too!

  2. I am glad you did a lot of blog experimentation. It made my choice easier. This looks to be where I am going to be. Frankly, there are few people that I have connected with in this medium on a genuine level, so it makes sense to go here. I am going to combine both of my Multiply blogs (I have another where my bad writing resides) into the WP blog. I participate in Creative Challenge under my other ID, so I am also keeping a Blogger site open.

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